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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kinds of scholarships are available?
    • Currently Eastern Illinois University offers over 500 scholarships university-wide. There are University Scholarships and Foundation-Endowed Scholarships. Scholarships are offered in many departments, colleges and various offices throughout the university. Foundation-endowed scholarships are ones that were created on behalf of a donor or donors who endowed scholarship money to the university so that a student may attend college.
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  3. How do I apply for scholarships?
    • Many scholarships offer applications, both online and paper applications that are available in the contact office, department or college. Online applications can be located from using the EIU scholarship search engine. For those scholarships in which an online application is not offered, a paper application can be obtained by contacting or visiting the sponsoring office. Some scholarships are nomination only. In this case, one may not apply for the scholarship and instead must be nominated by the department sponsoring the scholarship.
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  5. Can I complete one application for all of the scholarships offered?
    • Currently, there is no universal application for all of the scholarships offered through Eastern Illinois University. A separate application must be completed for each scholarship application that one applies for. The exception being if a department offers one application for all scholarships offered within that department and then one application may be completed.
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  7. Are all scholarship deadlines the same?
    • Each department, college and office sponsoring scholarships has different deadlines to apply. Many of the scholarship selections occur in the spring of each year, thus many scholarship deadlines occur in January through March.
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  9. Can I apply for scholarships that say "nomination only"?
    • For nomination only scholarships, a student must be nominated by a department or designee in order to be eligible for that scholarship.
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  11. What do I do if I can't find the application online?
    • In the case that no online application is available for the scholarship that you are seeking, please contact the department that is sponsoring the scholarship to obtain a paper application.
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  13. Do I need to complete a FAFSA each year to show my financial need for certain scholarships?
    • Yes, for scholarships that have eligible criteria that include proof of financial need, a FAFSA must be completed as this information is verified through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. For more information regarding the FAFSA, please go to http://www.fafsa.ed.gov
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  15. What is a FAFSA?
    • FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Completing the FAFSA each year can assist a student in potentially obtaining federally funded financial assistance for college education. Financial assistance can include loans, subsidized and unsubsidized, and grants such as the MAP and PELL grant. For more information, please refer to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships website located at http://www.eiu.edu/finaid/.
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  17. What eligibility criteria do scholarships have?
    • Scholarships offered within Eastern Illinois University have eligibility requirements based on merit, financial need, talent and involvement in extracurricular activities. Merit scholarships have criteria such as GPA requirements, and for incoming freshman, ACT scores and class rank may apply. Talent includes athletic, musical, artistic, and writing for example. Extracurricular activities criteria can include involvement on campus whether it is participating on a council, in government, or in a club. Other involvement can include community involvement, such as volunteering in the community.
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  19. What if I don't have any financial need? What other kinds of scholarships are available?
    • There are other scholarships available such as merit talent and extracurricular involvement. Many scholarships do have GPA requirements, so the higher the GPA opens the possibility that more scholarships can be applied for.
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  21. Will I be notified if I don't receive a scholarship?
    • Yes, should you not be chosen as a scholarship recipient, notification will be sent by mail or Panthermail notifying of the scholarship award status.
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  23. When and how do I acquire the scholarship money?
    • For University scholarships, some paperwork may need to be completed prior to receiving the award. This paperwork will be provided to you by the department chair or authorizing agent of the university scholarship. In the case of being awarded a foundation endowed scholarship, the scholarship recipient must visit the Neal Welcome Center located at 860 West Lincoln in Charleston to complete necessary paperwork prior to awarding.
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  25. How many thank you notes will I write?
    • Writing thank you notes to a donor, or donors, is a very important process with regard to being awarded a scholarship. It is important to express gratitude for the very generous donation that you have received based on the thoughtfulness of the person(s) that provided the scholarship. Therefore, there may be only one thank you note to complete or there may be a few more. Either way, show kindness, thankfulness and sincerity when writing thank you notes for a scholarship that you have been selected to receive.
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  27. Why is it important to write an essay?
    • It is important to write an essay if it is requested as part of the scholarship application. When writing an essay, think about the audience you are writing to, what you would like for them to know about you and why you think you're an excellent candidate to receive the scholarship. Adding an essay personalizes the individual who is applying for the scholarship and allows the reader to know who you are and why you should be selected as the scholarship recipient.
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  29. What information should I include in my essay?
    • First, it's important to include the initial information that the scholarship is requesting. But it is also good to add personal information about you, including any achievements that you have had, personal obstacles that you have overcome or how you have contributed to the community. Be sure to sell yourself to the reader and keep them interested in who you are and why it's important to select you.
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  31. What can my scholarship dollars be used for?
    • The scholarship award will be applied to the student account to be paid towards educational expenses including tuition, fees, housing, etc. After the education bill is paid in full, then the scholarship recipient will receive a refund.
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  33. Do I have to be an enrolled student to apply for scholarships?
    • Students should be enrolled or at the very least have applied to Eastern Illinois University when applying for scholarships. Students must be an enrolled and attending student at Eastern Illinois University in order to receive the scholarship. Scholarships received are not transferable to other educational institutions.
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  35. Can I receive more than one scholarship?
    • Yes, a student may receive more than one scholarship to help defray the cost of attendance. It's important to apply for as many scholarships as possible and not focus on just one. It could really pay off in the long run.
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