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Habeeb Habeeb Annual Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students

Description:  Established in 2012, this scholarship was created to help non-traditional students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies program who are in need of financial assistance in order to complete their degree. Criteria for selection are as follows: The recipient must be a full-time or part-time student, majoring in the Bachelor of Arts General Studies Program accepted to Eastern Illinois University. The recipient must have a GPA of 3.0 and financial need is a primary consideration. Recipients are eligible to receive the award again if he/she continues to meet criteria. The award shall be announced in the Spring, Summer, or Fall and paid in the same semester it is announced to Eastern Illinois University to first be applied against costs (tuition, fees, housing, etc.) associated with the recipient attending Eastern Illinois University.

Additional Information: To apply

Major(s):General Studies (Board of Trustees)
Extracurricular Activity(s):Adult Learner
Year in School:Freshman, Sophomore, Junior , Senior
Required GPA:3.0
Semester(s) of Selections:Spring
Semester(s) Awarded:Spring
Contact:Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Degree Program - 217-581-5618