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Dewey Amos Geology Earth Science Scholarship

Description:  The award recipient shall at the time of his or her selection be a junior as defined by the University Catalogue. The recipient shall be awarded on the basis of scholarship (50%) and service and participation in the geology and earth science activities (50%). The minimum qualification for scholarship shall be 2.8 overall grade point average and 3.2 in geology and earth science. Service and participation in geology and earth science shall be judged on participation and leadership in departmental field trips, clubs, lectures and similar academic activities related to the department. The award shall not be presented automatically to the student with the highest grade point average nor to anyone who has not participated in departmental field trips or other activities. All students who meet the minimum qualifications as stated above shall be nominees in the vote. However, the recipient shall not be a student who received or is to receive another university or geology and /or earth science award the same year. Financial need shall not be considered in selection of the awardee.

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Year in School:Junior
Required GPA:2.8
Semester(s) of Selections:Spring
Semester(s) Awarded:Spring
Contact:Chair, Geology/Geography - 217-581-2626