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Christine Edwards
Scholarship Coordinator
Phone: 217-581-7424

Cris Costantino
Office of University Development
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Barbara Snow Award

Description:  The Barbara Snow Award was established to recognize and award a senior woman physical education major or minor who demonstrates excellence in the areas of leadership, performance and scholarship. This leadership that the recipient exhibits also demonstrates inspiration and enrichment while their performance reflects outstanding quality and their scholarship exemplifies true intellectual behavior. Nominees must be senior women who have graduated, or are scheduled to graduate within the school year in which the award is made. The recipient must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0. This award may be given to more than one student in any one year, but is not necessarily given each year. Nominations should be accompanied by a statement of qualifications as related to leadership, performance and scholarship. Applications will become available on February 2, 2015. The deadline to submit applications is March 2, 2015.

Additional Information: To apply

Major(s):Kinesiology and Sports Studies
Year in School:Senior
Semester(s) of Selections:Spring
Semester(s) Awarded:Fall
Contact:Chair, Kinesiology and Sports Studies - 217-581-2215