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BSGSA Scholar Award

Description:  The recipient must be a full-time graduate student of the Biological Sciences Masters program at Eastern Illinois University in good academic standing. The recipient must be a member of BSGSA and be in good standing with the organization according to the BSGSA constitution. Financial need is not a consideration, the award is merit based. The recipient must have submitted a study plan and thesis outline or provide documentation of a past or future internship, according to the applicants selected Biological Sciences Masters option. A first-year or second-year graduate student of the Biological Sciences Masters program at EIU may apply however precedence shall be given to first-year graduate students enrolled in the program. Eligibility will be based on merit pertaining to involvement in the BSGSA, scholarly or research activities and departmental or campus involvement. Involvement in the BSGSA includes, but is not limited to, assistance in lab manual sales, BSGSA hosted events, and participation in philanthropic activities. The recipient must submit a completed application form, a Curriculum Vitae/resume, and letter of support from faculty advisor. The recipient must submit a summary of no more than 250 words discussing the need of money and/or the recipient's achievements. The recipient must submit a projected budget for the use of the funds.

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Major(s):Biological Sciences
Extracurricular Activity(s):BSGSA
Year in School:Graduate
Semester(s) of Selections:Spring
Semester(s) Awarded:Spring
Contact:Chair, Biological Sciences - 217-581-3126