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Daniel E. Marvin Jr. WEIU Scholarship

Description:  The recipient must be a full-time Eastern Illinois University student, majoring in Journalism or Communication Studies and having a concentration in Broadcast News or Media Production. The recipient must have a completed a minimum of 30 semester hours with a minimum GPA of 3.0 at the time of the award. The recipient must have worked a minimum of two semesters in the television and/or radio station. The recipient must provide two letters of recommendation from faculty members or professional staff at WEIU Radio-TV Center. Financial need is a consideration. Completed applications should be sent to Jack Neal, WEIU FM & TV, 1521 Buzzard Building.

Additional Information: Scholarship Application

Major(s):Communication Studies
Year in School:Sophomore, Junior , Senior
Required GPA:3.0
Semester(s) of Selections:Spring
Semester(s) Awarded:Fall
Contact:General Manager - 217-581-5956