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Christine Edwards
Scholarship Coordinator
Phone: 217-581-7424

Cris Costantino
Office of University Development
Phone: 217-581-3313

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Mary June Bland Blackford Nursing Scholarship

Description:  The Recipient shall be a part-time or full-time student accepted to Eastern Illinois University. The recipient shall be a non-traditional student who is at least 20 years of age and entering the University to accomplish the RN to BSN completion. The selection committee shall require an essay of the applicants. Applicants should outline in the essay why they plan to pursue a career in nursing and demonstrate a commitment to a career in hands-on nursing as their chosen profession. The scholarship shall be given to a student as an incentive to achieve success and preference shall be given to a student who demonstrates the greatest potential for lifetime success. The recipients shall have a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.00 scale) at the end of their Junior year. The scholarship shall be given to a student whose hometown is in the State of Illinois and within a 100 mile radius of Charleston, Illinois, preferably from Coles County. Financial need shall be a consideration. The recipient(s) may receive the scholarship only once. This scholarship is subject to availability of funds.

Additional Information: To apply

Year in School:Junior
Required GPA:3.0
Semester(s) of Selections:Spring
Semester(s) Awarded:Fall
Contact:Director, Nursing Program - 581-3328