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Vincent P. & Pamela R. Gutowski Scholarship

Description:  The award(s) should be given to students majoring in Geography who show outstanding scholarship (minimum overall GPA of 3.0) and dedication to the field of Geography. The award(s) is given to Junior and/or Senior students who have been in residence for at least two semesters (including the semester of the award). Whenever possible, preference should be given to students who have shown competence in field work, excellence in research in physical geography and intend to pursue graduate studies and preference should be given to those students who have exhibited active participation and leadership in Rho Chapter of GTU.

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Year in School:Junior , Senior
Required GPA:3.0
Semester(s) of Selections:Spring
Semester(s) Awarded:Spring
Contact:Chair, Geology/Geography - 217-581-2626