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Mary Bear McClay Graduate Assistantship

Description:  Recipients must apply and be accepted to the Graduate School, applied and been accepted to the Math Department as a degree-seeking candidate pursuing a Masters Degree in Mathematics Education, accepted to EIU. Preference will be given to: 1)current certified teachers who are returning to EIU to complete a Masters Degree and plan to return to the teaching professions, and 2) students who are pursuing graduate education and plan to pursue a career as a math teacher. As provided through the Graduate School, the recipient will receive a tuition waiver. The recipient of this assistantship shall engage in teaching or research duties within the Math Department, performing an average of 15-18 clock hours per week.

Additional Information: For more information, About Graduate Assistantships

Major(s):Math Education
Year in School:Graduate
Semester(s) of Selections:Spring
Semester(s) Awarded:Summer
Contact:Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science - 217-581-2028
Dean, Graduate School - 217-581-2220