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Robert & Julie Sterling History Scholarship

Description:  The recipient(s) must be an undergraduate student accepted and enrolled in Eastern Illinois University and must have earned 60 or more credit hours. The recipient(s) must be a history major with teacher certification in social science. The recipient(s) must have completed the requirements which meet University approval to enroll in Teacher Education courses. The recipient(s) shall submit a one-page written statement demonstrating aptitude and promise to succeed in teaching history and a determination to succeed in future career goals. GPA may be considered, but should not be a deciding factor in selecting a recipient. The recipient(s) must be in good academic standing at the time the award is issued. Applicants in their last semester of study toward graduation may not receive the scholarship.

Year in School:Junior , Senior
Semester(s) of Selections:Spring
Semester(s) Awarded:Spring
Contact:Chair, History Department - 217-581-3310