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Christine Edwards
Scholarship Coordinator
Phone: 217-581-7424

Cris Costantino
Office of University Development
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Dr. Robert V. Wharton Scholarship

Description:  The recipient must be a full time or part time student, majoring in English, accepted to Eastern Illinois University. The recipient must have an overall GPA of 3.0 and a major GPA of at least 3.25 for courses taken at EIU. The recipient must have between 60 and 96 hours toward graduation of which at least 30 hours must be Eastern Illinois University hours by the end of the semester in which the award is made. The recipient must have demonstrated financial need. The recipient must be a non-traditional student. Preference will be given to single parents. Preference will be given to students with a keen appreciation of and facility for the study of literature. If no recipient is found who meets the above-stated criteria, the award will be given to the recipient who most closely meets the above-stated criteria. The award shall be announced in the Spring and awarded in the Fall.

Additional Information: To apply

Year in School:Junior , Senior
Required GPA:3.25
Semester(s) of Selections:Spring
Semester(s) Awarded:Fall
Contact:Chair, English Department - 217-581-2428