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Robert A. Pringle Memorial Sch

Description:  Established in 2001, The Robert A. Pringle Memorial Scholarship was established to recognize the achievements and honor Robert A. Pringle who founded the Board of Governors (BOG)/Board of Trustees (BOT) Bachelor of Arts Degree Program. The fund benefits non-traditional students enrolled in the Bachelors of General Studies Program (BGS), formerly known as the BOG/BOT program. Eligible applicants must meet the following requirements: The recipient must be admitted to the BGS program and accepted to Eastern Illinois University/Northeastern Illinois University. The recipient must be in good academic standing and exhibit the potential to do college work. Life experience, interests, and completed academic work shall be considered. Financial need is a consideration. The recipient must have at least one semester of course work to be completed following the semester in which he/she was selected. The recipient may be eligible to receive the award again provided he/she continues to meet the stated criteria, however preference will be given to first-time recipients. Eastern Illinois University and Northeastern Illinois University can award one award per semester. The award shall be announced in the spring and fall and paid in the fall and spring to Eastern Illinois University and Northeastern Illinois University to be first applied against costs (tuition, fees, housing, etc.) associated with the recipient attending Eastern Illinois University/Northeastern Illinois University. Any remaining amount will be disbursed to the recipient. For more information, please contact the Bachelor of General Studies Program.

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Major(s):General Studies (Board of Trustees)
Extracurricular Activity(s):Adult Learner
Year in School:Freshman, Sophomore, Junior , Senior
Semester(s) of Selections:Fall , Spring
Semester(s) Awarded:Fall , Spring
Contact:Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Degree Program - 217-581-5618