Livingston C. Lord Scholarship



Students must be nominated by a faculty member to be considered for this scholarship. The scholarship recipients shall be of Junior status, having earned at least 30 credit hours at Eastern and having at least 24 credit hours remaining in their respective program at the beginning of the fall semester in which the award will be given. The recipients must show promise of outstanding contribution and success in their chosen fields. The recipient must have a grade point average of 3.6 or higher. The recipient must be an undergraduate student who plans to pursue a degree in Elementary or Secondary Education. Financial need will be considered only if all other criteria are deemed equal. This scholarship is announced and paid in the Fall semester.

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Major(s): Elementary Education
Year in School: Junior, Senior
Renewable: No
Semester Awarded: Fall
When to Apply: Fall
Deadline: 1st Monday in November
Contact: Steve Rich, Alumni Services - 217-581-6616

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