Hope Brown Nelson Elementary Education Student Teaching Scholarship



Established in 2013, this scholarship was created in memory of Hope Brown Nelson (1915-2010) of Springfield, Illinois, born in Mattoon, Illinois. Mrs. Nelson received her Associate's ('34) and Bachelor's degrees ('49) from Eastern Illinois University. This scholarship is intended to provide necessary funding for a student(s) in the Elementary Education program at Eastern Illinois University who is in their student teaching semester. Criteria for selection are as follows: The recipient(s) must be full-time student majoring in Elementary Education accepted to Eastern Illinois University. The recipient must be entering their student teaching semester and must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0. Financial need is a consideration. Up to two scholarships may be awarded at the discretion of the selection committee. Preference shall be given to a student who has graduated from Mattoon High School. In the even that no student qualifies from Mattoon High School, the scholarship may be awarded to a student who has graduated from a high school within the state of Illinois. Recipient(s) is required to submit a one-page description of goals for their student teaching semester as well as goals. The timing of the award(s) shall be determined by the selection committee. The award(s)are to be first applied against costs (tuition, fees, housing, etc. ) associated with the recipient(s) attending Eastern.

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Major(s): Elementary Education
Year in School: Junior, Senior
County(s): Coles
Renewable: No
Semester Awarded: Fall , Spring
When to Apply: Spring
Deadline: February 1
Contact: Chair, Early Childhood, Elementary, & Middle Level Education - 217-581-5728

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