Sue (Archibald) & Randy Taylor MBA Scholarship



Established in 2012, this scholarship was created to provide necessary resources to a deserving student at Eastern Illinois University. The Sue (Archibald) & Randy Taylor MBA Scholarship is designed to assist a non-traditional student who has some real-world job experience, and perhaps the responsibility of supporting a family. Criteria for selection are as follows: Must be full or part-time student enrolled in the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program at Eastern Illinois University. Recipient(s) shall be pursuing a career in business. Recipient(s) shall be a non-traditional student that has been employed in the real world, who wishes to return to school to achieve their MBA for career opportunities and/or advancement. Recipient(s) shall have a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0. Preference will be given to students receiving their undergraduate degree from Eastern Illinois University. Recipient(s) will have graduated high school in Douglas, Coles, or Clark counties in Illinois or Unity High School in Tolono, IL. If no one from the preferred counties and high school meet the criteria, students from surrounding counties may also be eligible. The committee may also consider the following factors: financial need, personal hardship, family considerations (e.g. single parent, several children, special needs, etc.). Applicants shall submit a resume, undergraduate transcripts and a personal statement citing their ambitions and stating his/her qualifications. The recipient(s) may be eligible to receive the award again provided he/she continues to meet criteria. The award(s) shall be announced in the spring and paid in the fall semester to Eastern Illinois University to be first applied against costs (tuition, fees, housing, etc.) associated with the recipient attending Eastern Illinois University.

Major(s): Master of Business Administration
Year in School: Graduate
County(s): Champaign, Clark, Coles, Douglas
Renewable: Yes
Semester Awarded: Fall
When to Apply: Spring
Deadline: Spring 2017
Contact: Melissa Gordon, School of Business - 217-581-6110

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