John Leduc Math Teaching Practicum Award Fund



Established in 2002, The John LeDuc Mathematics Education Teaching Practicum Award Fund serves to award and assist students who plan to teach secondary mathematics in the coming fall or spring. Awards for the year are determined in August by the Chair of the Mathematics Department and the Office of Student Teaching. An individual award is determined by dividing the current amount available by the number of potential awardees for the academic year. Awards may be given to any student who appears on the 10th day roster for student teaching in secondary mathematics during either spring or fall. No student may receive the award more than once. For more information, contact the Mathematics Department.

Major(s): Math Education
Year in School: Senior
Renewable: No
Semester Awarded: Fall , Spring
When to Apply: Spring, Summer
Deadline: Nomination Only
Contact: Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science - 217-581-2028

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