Christos & Theodora Efstathiou Scholarship



Established in 2011, The Christos & Theodora Efstathiou Scholarship holds the following criteria: The recipient must be a full-time student accepted to Eastern Illinois University who has completed one year of study at the University and is majoring in Physics. The award will be presented to the individual with the highest Physics GPA at completion of her/his first year of study and who also has an overall GPA of 3.5 or above. Financial need is a consideration with a preference given to a student with the greatest demonstrated need if there are two students who meet criteria. The award shall be announced in the spring and paid in the fall to Eastern Illinois University to be first applied against costs (tuition, fees, housing, etc.) associated with the recipient attending Eastern Illinois University.

Major(s): Physics
Year in School: Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Renewable: No
Semester Awarded: Fall
When to Apply: Spring
Deadline: Nomination only
Contact: Chair, Physics Department - 217-581-3220

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