Staff Partnership Scholarship



The recipient must have applied and been accepted to EIU, applied and been accepted as a degree seeking candidate pursuing a Bachelors or Masters Degree at EIU. Preference will be given in priority order as follows; 1) undergraduate students who serve EIU as a Resident Assistant during their undergraduate program and, 2) graduate students without an assistanship who serve EIU Residence Hall Program and are pursuing a graduate education and plan to pursue a career in student housing. As provided through the Director of Housing, the recipient of this scholarship will receive the award. The recipient shall engage in student affairs work within their department as a condition of the scholarship by performing weekly housing duties while serving as a Resident Assistant or completing other duties as assigned by the Director of Housing. The recipient must live in university housing. One exception to this requirement will be to students who are student teaching during the semester of the award. The recipient must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0.

Year in School: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate
Renewable: No
Semester Awarded: Fall
When to Apply: Spring
Deadline: Spring 2017- Nomination Only
Contact: Assistant Director, Student Housing - 217-581-2515

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