Data Analysis/Information Request Form

Data Analysis/Information Request Form

Note: Please read directions prior to completing and submitting this form. When completed please send to Eastern Illinois University, Planning and Institutional Research, 600 Lincoln Avenue, Charleston, IL 61920.

Directions for Completing Data Analysis/Information Request Form
Please complete the entire top half of the Data Analysis/Information Request Form. Incomplete forms cannot be processed by the Office of Planning and Institutional Research.

Upon the receipt of your request, a staff member of the Office of Planning and Institutional Research will contact you by phone. At that time, a deadline date for receipt of the analysis/information will be negotiated based on the priority of the item, the complexity of the request, and the present workload of staff members.

Please note special instructions for the following information fields:
Name and Title of Person Making Request: An individual must be specified in this field in order for the Office of Planning and Institutional Research to make preliminary contact.

Data Analysis/Information Requested: Include the type of data needed, the group or population of interest, and the time frame. For example: For the past five years (Fa92, Fa93, Fa94, Fa95, Fa96), how many students, by college, have at least a 21 composite ACT score?

How will requested data analysis/information be used?: Indicate if the information requested is needed for budget planning, curriculum review and planning, accreditation, etc. Also indicate if the information will appear in an internal or external report or document.