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EIU Department of Psychology

Faculty and Staff Listing

Hao-Jan Luh, Assistant Professor

Phone: 217-581-6411

I joined the school psychology program at Eastern Illinois University in August 2020. As a school psychologist, my goal is to cultivate resilience in all children and educators. My research focuses on the implementation of evidence-based practices in school settings. I am particularly interested in the implementation supports for classroom management practices and social emotional learning programs. I am also dedicated to promoting multicultural competence in education, with a current focus on international students in school psychology training. 

Frequently Taught Courses

PSY 3515- Child Psychology

PSY 6050- Behavior Therapy

PSY 6660- Consultation



B.S., Psychology, National Taiwan University

M.Ed., Educational Psychology, University of Washington 

M.A., Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut

Ph.D., Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut

Professional Organizations

National Association of School Psychologists 

American Psychological Association 
   - Division 2 Society of the Teaching of Psychology      
   - Division 16 School Psychology



Social-emotional Learning

Classroom Management

International Students in School Psychology Training

Selected Publications

Wilkinson, S., Freeman, J., Simonsen, B., Sears, S., Byun, S. G., Xu, X., & Luh, H. J. (2021). Professional development for classroom management: A review of the literature. Educational Research and Evaluation. 26, 182-212.

Luh, H. J., & La Salle, T. (2020). International Students in School Psychology: Strengths, Challenges, and Supports.Trainers’ Forum, 37, 44-53. 

Sanetti, L. M. H. & Luh, H. J. (2018). Fidelity of implementation in the field of learning disabilities, Learning disability quarterly, 42.

Sanetti, L. M. H. & Luh, H. (2020). Treatment fidelity in school-based intervention. In A. Reschly, S. Christenson, A. Pohl (Eds.), Evidence-based practical student engagement interventions: Promoting Students’ academic, behavioral, cognitive, and affective engagement at school. (pp. 77-87). Switzerland: Springer Nature.

Selected Conference Presentations

Luh, H. J., Perry, H., & Sanetti, L. M. H. (2021, May). Using preprogrammed emailed prompts to support teachers’ verbal prompt delivery about classroom expectations. Poster presented at the 2021 Northeast Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (NEPBIS) Network Leadership Forum.

O’Donnell, K. & Luh, H. J. (2021, February). A Systematic Literature Review of Multicultural Competence Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers. Poster presented at the 2021 Illinois School Psychologists Association Virtual Winter Convention.

Wienstroer, M., Montgomery, J., Wingate, A., Floress, M. & Luh, H. J. (2021, February). Middle and High School Praise: A Systematic Re- view of the Literature. Poster presented at the 2021 Illinois School Psychologists Association Virtual Winter Convention.

Luh, H. J., & La Salle, T. (2019, February). International Students in School Psychology Programs: Challenges, Strengths, and Support. Practitioner conversation presented at the Annual Convention of National Association of School Psychologists, Atlanta, GA.

Pierce, A., Luh, H. J., & Sanetti, L. (2018, May). Examining Second Step® monitoring tools through the EPIS Framework and ABA principles. Poster presented at the Center for Behavioral Education and Research (CBER) Symposium, Storrs, CT.

DeLeyer-Tiarks, J., & Luh, H. J. (2018, February). LGBTQ students’ high school to college transition experience. Poster presented at the Annual Convention of National Association of School Psychologists, Chicago, IL.

Sanetti, L, Collier-Meek, M., & Luh, H. J. (2017, September). Evaluation of data-driven delivery of implementation supports in education. Poster presented at the 4th Biennial Society for Implementation Research Collaboration, Seattle, WA.

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