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Necessary Undergraduate Coursework

The following is a listing of two-year pre-pharmacy requirements for the UIC College of Pharmacy, Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP) and the St. Louis College of Pharmacy (SLCP):

RequirementEIU Courses
General Biology with Laboratory (Two Semesters) BIO 1100, 1300
Human Anatomy (UIC and SLCP)
Human Physiology (SLCP only) (Not Transferable)
BIO 2210, 2220
General Chemistry with Laboratory (Two Semesters) CHM 1310, 1315; 1410, 1415
Organic Chemistry with Laboratory CHM 2440, 2445, 2840 (Two Semesters) CHM 2845
Physics PHY 1151, 1152; PHY 1161, 1162 (UIC only)
Math (Through Calculus) MAT 1330, 1400, 1441
Written Communication ENG 1001, 1002
Speech Communication (UIC and CCP) COM 1310
Psychology (SLCP Only) PSY 1879
Sociology (SLCP Only) SOC 1838G
General Education (see below) 9-12 semester hours

Distribution in general education courses (UIC): General education is classified into three categories. Students must complete at least one course (three semester hours) in each of the three areas below. The subjects listed in parentheses are examples of appropriate courses. General education requirements for CCP and SLCP are similar.
  • Economics (ECN 2801 recommended)
  • Humanities (ENG, FL, HIS, JOU, PHI)
  • Social or Behavior Sciences (ANT, PLS, PSY, SOC)
  • Electives (UIC): Additional elective courses may be taken to complete a total of 60 semester hours for admission to UIC.