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Coursework Offered at EIU

Tentative course offerings

EIU offers coursework in preparation for application to chiropractic school. Upon completion of these undergraduate prerequisites, students may apply to the chiropractic school of their choice. The admissions requirements of the programs vary, so it is important to determine the specific requirements of the school of your choice. In general, students should plan to complete a bachelor's degree and must maintain a grade point average of 3.00 or higher on a 4.00 scale — both in the sciences and cumulative. Like other post-baccalaureate health programs, admission is competitive and based on GPA and experience.

Eastern Illinois University has entered into a "3+3" affiliation agreement with Logan University and Palmer College of Chiropractic. This guaranteed admissions program will allow qualified students to attend Logan University or Palmer after three years (90 credits) at EIU and finish a doctor of chiropractic degree after three more years at the chiropractic programs.

Under these agreements, Logan University or Palmer College of Chiropractic shall accept students who successfully complete the pre-chiropractic program with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher and meet all other criteria for admission. Upon completion of the first year of studies at Logan University or Palmer, a maximum of 34 credits from either program may be transferred back to EIU toward completion of credits required for the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences degree.

Necessary Undergraduate Coursework

General Education Requirements27 Semester Hours
Humanities and Fine Arts 9 Hours
Language 9 Hours
Social and Behavioral Sciences 6 Hours (3 Hours in Psychology Required)
Foreign Language 0-8 Hours
Note: Two years with a 'C' grade or better in a single foreign language during high school are required for a foreign language exemption.
Major Requirements66-67 Semester Hours
BIO 1100 - General Biology 4 Hours
BIO 1200G - General Botany 4 Hours
BIO 1300G - Animal Diversity 4 Hours
BIO 3120 - Molecular and Cellular Biology 4 Hours
BIO 3200 - Genetics 4 Hours
BIO 3800 - Ecology 4 Hours
BIO 4984 - Evolution 3 Hours
BIO 3520 - Animal Physiology
OR BIO 2210/2220 - Anatomy and Physiology I + II
4 or 8 Hours
BIO 4750 - Biometrics
OR MAT 2250G - Elementary Statistics
3 or 4 Hours
CHM 1310G/1315G - General Chemistry I + Lab 3 Hours + 1 Hour
CHM 1410G/1415G - General Chemistry II + Lab 3 Hours + 1 Hour
CHM 2440/2445 - Organic Chemistry I + Lab 3 Hours + 1 Hour
CHM 2840/2845 - Organic Chemistry I + Lab 3 Hours + 1 Hour
CHM 3300 - Survey of Biochemistry I 3 Hours
PHY 1151G/1152G - Principles of Physics I + Lab 3 Hours + 1 Hour
PHY 1161G/1162G - Principles of Physics II + Lab 3 Hours + 1 Hour
MAT 1441G - Calculus and Analytical Geometry 5 Hours
Electives Taken at Logan University or Palmer in Basic Sciences34 Semester Hours (Transfer Credit to EIU)
Total Degree Requirements = 127 Semester Hours