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EIU E-Number Procedure

Procedure Statement

To protect all University owned and/or operated information resources and all University information, all access will be strictly controlled to ensure that access is only granted for valid University purposes in a manner that adequately protects such resources according to industry best practices.

Reason for Procedure

Controlling access to information resources is crucial in order to allow the University to properly protect all information resources and University information from unauthorized access, modification and dissemination. To help the owners of University information resources and University information establish adequate protections, this policy sets forth the minimum required standards for providing an E-Number to a user.

Entities Affected By This Procedure

Any individual, group or department that provides E-Numbers to end users.


Questions regarding this policy in general should be directed to: EIU Information Security - 217-581-1939

E-Number Process

All users which are input into the University ERP system are assigned an E-Number. This number provides a unique identifier for the user in systems across the university. This identifier is provided to the user when they are admitted or employed by the university. In the event that the user has forgotten, lost, or misplaced their E-Number the following internal process must be completed prior to providing them the E-Number.

The user must be asked the following questions for security purposes. The information for these questions can be found in the user’s record in Banner or through the MyEIU admin portal.

  1. What is your date of birth?
  2. What is your permanent address?
  3. What external email address was used when applying to EIU?
    1. If none, please spell your middle name.

Upon answering these questions correctly, the individual, group or department may provide the user with their E-Number.

Password Reset Process

In the event that the user needs to reset their password for their EIU NetID. The user may be required to provide their E-Number as well as a photo ID. The following are the acceptable forms of identification.

  1. State issued Driver’s License
  2. State issued ID
  3. US Military ID
  4. Passport

These forms of identification can be sent to the Help Desk via email or through the use of our live chat. If the user is unable to provide one of the above forms of identification the user will need to bring their PantherCard to the Help Desk to have their password reset in person.

Last Date Reviewed: 06/13/2024