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How do I login to SafeConnect? 

When accessing the EIU wireless network for the first time you will be prompted with a login screen like the one below. 


If you are a guest on campus, you will click the "Request Guest Access" button and fill out the required information to gain access to the EIU Wireless Network. 

If you are a student or employee you will sign in on the right side of the page with your NetID and password.

Once you sign into the network, SafeConnect will check to see if your device is in compliance with our network policy. If it is in compliance you will be presented with a page that says "Welcome to EIU wifi".

If it is not in compliance with our network policy, you will be presented with a page that will say "Action Required."

Action Required

On the left side of this page it will tell you "your network access from this device is currently suspended." Below this section it will explain why your access is suspended. 

In this example, the section states that "Sophos Anti-Virus is installed, but it is not up to date. Please update your AntiVirus software's virus definition files"

The right side of the page will tell you how to fix the problem that is preventing you from joining the network. 

Once you believe you have fixed the problem you may click the "Check Again" button to see if your device is now is compliance. 

If you are having issues being redirected to login to SafeConnect please click the link below to have your device logged out of SafeConnect. Once you have clicked the link please try browsing to and you should be redirected to the SafeConnect login.