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How do I install SafeConnect?

SafeConnect is a network validation software package used to prevent virus infections on Eastern’s residence hall network. The SafeConnect application resides on your computer, authenticates it, and scans it for required patches and software.

All computers in the residence halls must have SafeConnect installed in order to be granted full access to network services.

Installing SafeConnect on your computer

1. Verify that your computer has installed an operational network interface card.

2. Either connect one end of your Ethernet cable into the network interface card and the other end directly into the orange data jack on the wall or connect to eiuwifi on your device.

3. Turn on your computer and open up a Web browser. You will see the "Welcome to the Campus Network" login screen.

4. Enter your NetID and password (the same one you use for e-mail access).

5. When you see the screen, select "Click Here To Read The Full Policy." 

6. After you read the policy and indicate that you understand it, close out that window and click "Yes, I Will Install the Policy Key," and accept the terms and conditions for Internet use.

If you select "I Do Not Accept," you will see a popup window acknowledging your decision telling you that you have been declined access to the network. 

7. SafeConnect will do an initial policy check to verify your software, patches and antivirus compliance. This check should take less than 30 seconds. 

8. If your computer does not pass the validation rules, you will be redirected to pages that will help bring your machine into compliance.

9. Once you have complied with all of the validation rules, you will be successfully connected to the network.