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Online B.A. in Psychology

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Gino V.J. Coppola, Instructor



REVISED Spring 2020 office hours: Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, I will be holding my office hours by appointment only, Mondays through Thursdays from 12:30 – 4:30pm, via phone or Skype. Each appointment window will be 30 minutes in duration. If you believe you need more than 30 minutes with me, then please schedule back-to-back appointments. Students will have to sign up for an appointment at least 24 hours, but no more than 7 days, in advance by visiting this link:

Frequently Taught Courses

PSY 3830: Cognitive Psychology

PSY 3805: Research Methods in Psychology

PSY 3620: Psychology of Learning

PSY 3310: Biological Psychology

PSY 2610: Online Statistics in Psychology 

PSY 1879: Introduction to Psychology


2019 - Ph.D. in Psychology (Neural and Cognitive Sciences), Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
2014 - M.A. Psychology (Neural and Cognitive Sciences), Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
2012 - B.A. in Psychology, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ
2010 - A.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Psychology), Camden County College, Blackwood, NJ

Professional Organizations

Psi Beta Honors Society

Psi Chi Honors Society

Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Society


My general research interests include the neurobiology of learning and memory, neurocognitive aging, neuropathology, clinical neuropsychology, and animal behavior. My primary research focuses on the relationship between hippocampal aging and spatial cognition in homing pigeons. In addition to my work on old pigeons, I have studied the spatial-cognitive abilities of goldfish, whip spiders, and crayfish, as well as visual-attentional processes in humans.

Currently, I am working in collaboration with Drs. Verner Bingman (Bowling Green State University) and Anna Gagliardo (University of Pisa, Italy) to investigate possible Alzheimer's Disease-like pathology (specifically, congo-phillic amyloid plaques) in old homing pigeons.

Selected Publications

Coppola, V.J., Nardi, D., and Bingman, V.P. (manuscript in preparation). Reduced c-Fos activation during spatial learning and fewer cholinergic neurons in the septum but not nucleus of the diagonal band in older homing pigeons (Columba livia). To be submitted to the journal Journal of Comparative Neurology.

Nardi, D., Carpenter, S.E., Johnson, S.R., Gilliland, G.A., Melo, V.L., Pugliese, R., Coppola, V.J., & Kelly, D.M. (submitted manuscript). Spatial Reorientation with a Geometric Array of Auditory Cues. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Coppola, V. J., & Bingman, V. P. (2019). c-fos revealed lower hippocampal participation in older homing pigeons when challenged with a spatial memory task. Neurobiology of Aging. In press.

Coppola, V. J., & Bingman, V. P. (2019). Aging is associated with larger brain mass and volume in homing pigeons (Columba livia). Neuroscience Letters698, 39-43.

Sotelo, M. I., Nardi, D., Payne, K. B., Coppola, V. J., Muzio, R. N., & Bingman, V. P. (2019). Local geometric properties do not support reorientation in hippocampus-engaged homing pigeons. Behavioral Neuroscience. Available via early online access.

Coppola, V. J., Kanyok, N., Schreiber, A. J., Flaim, M. E., & Bingman, V. P. (2016). Changes in hippocampal volume and neuron number co-occur with memory decline in old homing pigeons (Columba livia). Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 131, 117-20.

Coppola, V.J., Flaim, M.E., Carney, S.N., & Bingman, V.P. (2015). An age-related deficit in spatial-feature reference memory in homing pigeons (Columba livia). Behavioural Brain Research, 280, 1–5.

Herold, C., Coppola, V.J., & Bingman, V.P. (2015). The maturation of research into the avian hippocampal formation: Recent discoveries from one of the nature's foremost navigators. Hippocampus, 25,1193–1211.

Coppola, V. J.,Hough, G., & Bingman, V. P. (2014). Age-related spatial working memory deficits in homing pigeons (Columba livia). Behavioral Neuroscience, 128(6), 666-75.

Coppola, V. J., Spencer, J. M., Peterson, R. M., & Bingman, V. P. (2014). Hippocampal lesions in homing pigeons do not impair feature-quality or feature-quantity discrimination. Behavioural Brain Research, 260, 83-91.

Gagliardo, A., Pollonara, E., Coppola, V.J., Santos, C.D., Wikelski, M., & Bingman, V.P. (2014). Hippocampal lesioned homing pigeons fly straighter paths home over unfamiliar space: A GPS revelation. European Journal of Neuroscience, 40, 3102–10.

Selected Conference Presentations

Coppola, V.J. (2017). Hippocampal aging in homing pigeons (Columba livia): Recent data, speculations, and future direction. Invited talk; Space, Memory, and Evolution: The Comparative View on the Hippocampus. Bochum, Germany.

Coppola, V.J., & Bingman, V.P. (2015). Neurocognitive aging in homing pigeons. Oral presentation; Comparative Cognition Society (Fall Meeting). Chicago, IL.

Coppola, V.J.,Schreiber, A.J., Kanyok, N., & Bingman, V.P. (2015). Gross anatomical correlates of age-related spatial-cognitive decline in homing pigeons (Columba livia). Poster presentation; Society for Neuroscience. Chicago, IL.

Flaim, M.E., Carney, S.N., Hough, G., Bingman, V.P., & Coppola, V.J. (2015). Cognitive Decline in Old Homing Pigeons (Columba livia): Spatial-Feature Reference Memory Impairment. Poster presentation; Eastern Psychological Association. Philadelphia, PA.

Schreiber, A.J., & Coppola, V.J. (2015). Spatial learning strategies in goldfish (Carassius auratus): A classroom experiment. Poster presentation; BGSU’s Department of Psychology Bi-annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. Bowling Green, OH.

Coppola, V.J., & Bingman, V.P. (2014). Spatial memory deficits in old homing pigeons (Columba livia): A novel experimental model for age-related cognitive decline. Poster presentation; Society for Neuroscience, Washington, DC.

Waldburger, L. C., Castro, B., & Coppola, V. (2013). Song dialects in the south New Jersey Altantic seaside sparrow. Poster presentation; Animal Behavior Society. Boulder, CO.

Sharp, J., Coppola, V., & Klopfer, D. (2013). Examining factors that hinder the ability to search for information in iconic memory. Poster presentation; Mid-America Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference. Charleston, IL.

Coppola, V.J., Hough, G.E, & Waldburger, L.C. (2012).The effects of age on working memory in homing pigeons. Poster presentation; Animal Behavior Society. Albuquerque, NM.

Angelone, B. & Coppola, V. (2012). Which side are you on? An exploration of hemispheric specialization and visual attention. Poster Presentation; Vision Sciences Society. Naples, FL.

Jones, S.K., Angelone, B.L., Coppola, V.J., Smith, M.E., Potter, K., Angelone, D.J. & McLaughlin, M. (2012). Using a change detection flicker task to investigate attentional biases in eating disorders. Poster presentation; Eastern Psychological Association. Pittsburgh, PA.


Co-founder of Team Pierogi-Ravioli, riding in the Bike MS: Bike to the Bay Ohio 2019 event, a fundraising and awareness event for multiple sclerosis

Participating in the 2019 Break the Cycle Benefit ( to raise awareness for substance abuse and addiction, with proceeds going to OneEighty, Inc. of Wooster, OH (

My Strava:

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