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Notes enables instructors and students to create notes while viewing other sections of the WebCT course or add a general note. Both the learning module notes and general notes will be linked back to a central location under notes. All notes will be private and cannot be viewed by other members of the course.

There are two way in to use the notes tool: Learning Module and General Note

Learning Module
When a student is working with a learning module, there will be a tool bar located in the right hand corner of the screen image of the toolbar.

By selecting the create note icon, students are able to insert a note regarding the lesson. A text box will appear requiring a Title and Description. The note will be saved to My Tool under the notes tool.

Image of title and description text box

General Notes
To create a Note, first open notes from the My Tool section on the task bar on the left side of screen. Select add general note from the notebook and create a new note.

image of the general note window