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Web C T C E 8
Student Resources

What is WebCT?

My Files in Student View enables the user to create and store files. Every user has a My Files section that is private and unable to be accessed by other WebCT users.

Initially, there may not be any files or folders in this section. However, over time, files will populate this area.

Get Files
Select the Get Files button. A pop-up window appears, allowing the user to browse for files.

Image of the pop-up window that appears when getting files

Organize Files
By creating folder, students are able to organize their files into categories. A pop-up window appears, insert Title and select OK

image of the Create Folder pop-up window


Notes enables instructors and students to create notes while viewing other sections of the WebCT course or add a general note. Both the learning module notes and general notes will be linked back to a central location under notes. All notes will be private and cannot be viewed by other members of the course.

There are two way in to use the notes tool: Learning Module and General Note

Learning Module
When a student is working with a learning module, there will be a tool bar located in the right hand corner of the screen image of the toolbar.

By selecting the create note icon, students are able to insert a note regarding the lesson. A text box will appear requiring a Title and Description. The note will be saved to My Tool under the notes tool.

Image of title and description text box

General Notes
To create a Note, first open notes from the My Tool section on the task bar on the left side of screen. Select add general note from the notebook and create a new note.

image of the general note window