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Rename a WebCT Course

Please enter the following information to rename your existing WebCT course. You will have to submit multiple forms if you are requesting multiple course changes. You (including all your registered students) must not use your course from the time you submit this form until your receive confirmation of the change. Any use of your course during this period may result in the loss of information in your course.

Course Designer

Course Information

Please use your existing course's complete identification number.

Please use your course's complete identification code (three letters followed by four numbers followed by any additional characters) as listed in the catalog. For example, CHM2040C. Course names are case sensitive and must only use the alphanumeric (0-9, A-Z, a-z) and the underscore (_) characters.

You will have the opportunity after submitting this form to print a copy of the information that we receive. You will be contacted by our office when the account has been renamed. Please contact our at 581-HELP or itshelp@eiu.edu if you require any more information or if you have not received an acknowledgement from our office within a week of your submission.


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