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What are the ways in which WebCT CE 8.0 can meet your pedagogical needs in both the web enhanced and the online environment?

Many positive changes have been included in WebCT CE 8.0 to help instructors promote collaborative learning, personalize content based on students' needs, and positively impact learning outcomes. One example would be that interaction between students can be facilitated through the discussion board, chat, or whiteboard for sharing documents, websites, and ideas. The discussion board and selective release can also be used for student-centered discovery, research, and reflection. Of course, students can still conveniently and securely access course materials and view their own grades anytime, anywhere.

Many features in WebCT CE 8.0 can greatly benefit the instructor's ability to effectively teach a course. For example, a class can be organized around a theme and its stages can be selectively revealed as the course progresses. Content can be presented in multiple formats or perspectives and linked together throughout the course, plus a resource page can be generated automatically that contains all of the course's web links. Instructors can also allow students to publish their projects to share online with the entire class. Assessments can be delivered online in a variety of formats, which allows instructors the opportunity to give immediate feedback to students on their assessments and assignment submissions. Instructors can also see "who's online" and instantly begin a conversation with any student enrolled in the course. All of these features and more help to make WebCT CE 8.0 an advanced and beneficial tool for teaching and learning.