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The CATS staff and other TECnet trainers typically develop the WebCT training sessions based upon questions received from faculty and staff who are using the technology. Since WebCT CE 8.0 is a new system on campus, specific questions or guidelines upon which to build those training sessions are not currently available. Nevertheless, here are answers to some anticipated questions or situations:

  • One very important aspect to note is that WebCT CE 8.0 makes use of more pop-up windows than does the current version. This means that instructors and students must make sure to turn off their pop-up blockers, which basically allows pop-ups for the WebCT site so it can run better and more effectively. For any issues with pop-up blockers, contact the ITS HelpDesk at 581-HELP. The HelpDesk should also be contacted if an individual has trouble logging into WebCT or for any problems pertaining to passwords.
  • Some individuals trying to use the "Get Files" function may experience trouble getting the "My Computer" icon to show up. The functionality is important because it allows files to be imported from the desktop. One solution is to update JAVA on the computer, which should then make the "My Computer" icon visible once again.
  • In some cases WebCT might be blocked by a firewall. WebCT needs the following ports open to work properly: 80, 443, 2304
  • Finally, students may contact their instructors to say they cannot see the WebCT course for a particular class. Some students just assume all instructors are using WebCT, but if that is not the case, the instructor just needs to notify the student. But if the instructor is using WebCT CE 8.0 and the course does not appear on the list, the student should be told that the list is being updated in Banner and should be available within 24 hours. If that does not occur within 24 hours, the student should then contact the ITS HelpDesk at 581-HELP to report the situation.

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