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EIU Department of Music

2019-2020 Music Events Calendar

Prices are shown in the format: Adult/Seniors 62+ or Employee/Student

Date Time Event Location Cost
22-Sep 4:00 pm

Scott Pool, bassoon; Lauren Beard, soprano,
and Andrea Monlina, piano - guest artist recital

Recital Hall Free
25-Sep 1:00 - 5:00 pm ILMEA District V Audition Workshop Doudna  
26-Sep 7:30 pm Jazz Showcase Concert Theatre Free
27-Sep 7:30 pm Wind Symphony & Concert Band Concert Dvorak $6/$6/$5
6-Oct 4:00 pm Cathedrals, Castles and Colonies Choral Concert Dvorak $13/$11/$5
6-Oct 7:30 pm Erin Murgas, student composition recital Recital Hall  
9-Oct 6:00 pm Guest Recital: Jeiran Hasan, flute and Eric Ginsberg, clarinet Recital Hall Free
Oct 11 - 13 All Day Society of Composers, Region V Conference Doudna  
20-Oct 3:00 pm Drs. Rebecca Johnson and Magie Smith,
faculty flute and clarinet recital
Recital Hall  
20-Oct 4:30 pm Panther Marching Band Concert Dvorak $6/$6/$5
22-Oct 7:30 pm Jazz Combos Black Box  
24-Oct 4:30 pm Kristin Sarvela, faculty oboe and English horn recital Recital Hall  
25-Oct 7:30 pm Collage Concert Dvorak $6/$6/$5
27-Oct 4:00 pm Eastern Symphony Orchestra: Fright Night! Dvorak $13/$11/$5
29-Oct 7:30 pm Percussion Ensemble Dvorak $6/$6/$5
30-Oct 7:30 pm OcTUBAfest Recital Hall  
Nov 1-2 All Day Illinois State Music Teachers Conference Doudna  
1-Nov 7:30 pm Ralph Votapek, guest artist piano recital Dvorak  
3-Nov 1:00 pm Allison Washkowiak and Brian Yard,
student voice recital
Recital Hall Free
3-Nov 3:00 pm Abigail Emmert, Jovan Williams, and Dillon Honn,
student flute and saxophone recital
Recital Hall Free
3-Nov 6:00 pm Flute Studio Recital Recital Hall Free
4-Nov 7:30 pm Mark Deutsch and the Bazantar: Lecture and Performance Lecture Hall Free
5-Nov 5:00 pm Will Porter, faculty trombone recital Recital Hall Free
5-Nov 7:30 pm Jazz Lab Band Black Box Free
7-Nov 7:30 pm Trombone Studio Fall Recital Recital Hall Free
8-Nov 7:30 pm Call to Duty:  Wind Symphony Concert Dvorak $13/$11/$5
9-Nov All Day Midwest Tuba, Trombone & Euphonium Conference Doudna  
10-Nov 7:30 pm Jazz Faculty Concert -
Celebrating the Goodness of Music
Dvorak $10/$10/$5
11-Nov All Day Honor Combo Day   NA
17-Nov 1:00 pm Brandon Colmark, senior trumpet recital - will be rescheduled in Spring 2020 Recital Hall  
17-Nov 3:00 pm Aaron Jones and Riley Cutright, student clarinet
and oboe recital
Recital Hall Free
17-Nov 5:00 pm Brittany James and Michae Jewell,
student trumpet and euphonium recital - cancelled.
Recital Hall  
17-Nov 6:30 pm Kelsey Toland, junior voice recital Recital Hall  
18-Nov 6:30 pm Dr. Julie Park, faculty voice recital:
The Life and Music of Clara Wieck Schumann& Robert Schumann
Recital Hall   
18-Nov 7:30 pm Composers' Forum Dvorak Free
19-Nov 7:30 pm Concert Band & Symphonic Band Concert Dvorak $6/$6/$5
21-Nov 7:30 pm Jazz Ensembles Theatre $6/$6/$5
2-Dec 7:30 pm Jason Tabit, student tuba recital Recital Hall  
3-Dec 7:30 pm Jazz Combos Black Box Free
5-Dec 7:30 pm The Spirit of Christmas
(choirs & the premiere of Camerata Sinfonietta)
Dvorak $13/$11/$5
7-Dec All Day Honor Band Festival Dvorak Free
8-Dec 4:00 pm Department of Music Holiday Concert Dvorak $13/$11/$5
23-Jan 7:30 pm Jamie Aebersold, guest jazz recital The Theatre  
26-Jan 1:00 pm Brandon Colmark, senior trumpet recital - cancelled Recital Hall  
27-Jan 7:30 pm Two Pianos Perspectives Dvorak Free
7-Feb All Day Jazz Festival Doudna  
8-Feb All Day Jazz Festival Doudna  
9-Feb 4:00 pm Choral Ensembles Concert: Songs of Love Dvorak $13/$11/$5
18-Feb 7:30 pm Jazz Combos Black Box Free
21-Feb 7:30 pm Wind Symphony & Faculty Showcase Concert Dvorak $6/$6/$5
23-Feb 4:00 pm Winter Thaw:  Eastern Symphony Orchestra Concert Dvorak $13/$11/$5
24-Feb 7:30 pm The Music of Harry Partch Recital Hall  
26-Feb 7:30 pm Dr. Chris Dickey, guest tuba/euphonium recital Recital Hall  
27-Feb 7:30 pm Electronic Music Festival Black Box Free
1-Mar 1:00 pm Austin Slotnick and NIcole Severson,
student trombone recital
Recital Hall  
4-Mar 6:00 pm Guest and Faculty Recital:  Trio Village Recital Hall  
7-Mar 3:00 pm Michael Mayer and Nicholas Tkachuk,
student tuba and horn recital
Recital Hall  
8-Mar 4:00 pm Concert Band & Symphonic Band Concert Dvorak $6/$6/$5
10-Mar 7:30 pm Jazz Lab Band Black Box  
24-Mar 7:30 pm LInda Antas, guest composer recital Dvorak  
27-Mar 7:30 pm Wind Symphony Chamber Ensembles Recital Hall $6/$6/$5
28-Mar 1:00 pm Megan Wendlick, Jaida Brockman, and Alyssa Jacobucci,
student flute and oboe recital
Recital Hall  
28-Mar 3:00 pm Heidi Bletzinger and Luke Noble, student trumpet and percussion recital Recital Hall  
28-Mar 5:00 pm Elaina Nelson and Preston Rice, student percussion recital Recital Hall  
29-Mar 11:00 am JiaBei Wang, graduate flute recital Dvorak  
29-Mar 1:00 pm Resa Fuller, Lucy Hill, and Megan Greenburg, student voice
and clarinet recital
Recital Hall  
29-Mar 3:00 pm Emily Scheufele, senior flute recital  Recital Hall  
29-Mar 5:00 pm Brandon Colmark, senior trumpet recital Recital Hall  
29-Mar 7:00 pm Cameron Voyles, senior voice recital Recital Hall  
31-Mar 7:00 pm Eliot Crispin, junior jazz bass recital Dvorak  
3-Apr 7:30 pm Musical Theatre/Opera Performance Recital Hall  $10/$10/$5
4-Apr 7:30 pm Musical Theatre/Opera Performance Recital Hall  $10/$10/$5
5-Apr 10:00 am Flute Fest Doudna  
5-Apr 6:00 pm Honors Recital Recital Hall  
7-Apr 7:30 pm Percussion Ensemble Concert Dvorak $6/$6/$5
9-Apr 7:00 pm Addie Bayer, junior jazz and classical piano recital Dvorak  
13-Apr 7:30 pm TubaPalooza Recital Hall  
14-Apr 5:00 pm Clarinet Studio Recital Dvorak  
17-Apr 7:30 pm Boyd Band Benefit Concert (EIU Concert Bands) Dvorak $6/$6/$5
18-Apr 1:00 pm Cheyenne Brickner, graduate percussion recital Recital Hall  
18-Apr 5:00 pm Haley Fryer, graduate voice recital Recital Hall  
19-Apr 1:00 pm Freshman Flute Student Recital Recital Hall  
19-Apr 4:00 pm Ovations (choirs and Camerata Sinfonietta) Dvorak $13/$11/$5
19-Apr 7:00 pm Kathleen Kehoe, Austin Spillman, Haley Harrison,
student flute, saxophone, and clarinet recital
Recital Hall  
21-Apr 7:30 pm Composers' Forum Dvorak Free
22-Apr 5:30 pm Trombone Studio Recital Recital Hall  
23-Apr 7:30 pm Jazz Combos Theatre  
24-Apr 5:00 pm Erin Murgas, sophomore composition recital Recital Hall  
24-Apr 7:30 pm Brittany James, Briana Koerner, Jakob McCormick, student recital Recital Hall  
26-Apr 4:00 pm Spring Bloom:  Eastern Symphony Orchestra Concert Dvorak $13/$11/$5
27-Apr 7:00 pm Keegan Tucker, graduate voice recital Recital Hall  
28-Apr 7:30 pm Concert Band, Eastern Symphonic Band, &
Jazz Lab Band Concert
Dvorak $6/$6/$5
29-Apr 7:00 pm Samuel Augustin, senior voice recital Recital Hall  
30-Apr 7:30 pm Jazz Ensemble Theatre $6/$6/$5
1-May 6:00 pm Anders Frank, junior percussion recital Black Box  
1-May 7:30 pm A Collegium Tribute:  Honoring Herbert & Jane Lasky Recital Hall Free
2-May 12:00 pm Community Music Program Recital Recital Hall  
2-May 2:00 pm Rhys Barnes, student organ recital Dvorak  
2-May 3:00 pm Tyler Clark, Alison Washkowiak, Kennedy Tozer, student voice recital Recital Hall  

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