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EIU Latin American Studies


(34 minutes, 1998)
SMC F1219 .C58 1998x .VID vol.1
When the Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Mexico 600 years ago, they found a mysterious city of great pyramids. Join us as we journey through the past.

*Ancient Civilizations: The Mayans
SMC F1435 .M39 1999

Palenque: Chiapas, México
F1435 .M388 1996x VID vol. 3

Uxmal : Yucatán, México -- vol.2
F1435 .M388 1996x VID

*Chichen Itza : Yucatán, México
F1435 .M388 1996x VID vol.1

*Tulum : Quintana Roo, México -- v.7
F1435 .M388 1996x VID

*Copan : Honduras, C.A. -- v.9.
F1435 .M388 1996x VID

*The Riddle of the Maya (Palenque)
SMC F1435.1 .P2 R48 1995x VID

Tikal : Guatemala, C.A. -- v.8.
F1435 .M388 1996x VID

*Battle of the gods [videorecording] Aztecs
66 minutes
F1230 .B38 2001x DVD

*The Aztec empire [videorecording]
(video guide)
F1219.73 .A97 1997x VID

*Aztecs [videorecording].
38 minutes
F1219.76 .A78 A97 2003 DVD

*The Aztecs
(47 minutes)
F1219.73 .A98 2002x DVD

The Incas remembered [videorecording]
60 minutes
F3429 .15 1986x VID
Centuries ago, they performed miraculously technical brain surgery, built modern irrigation canals, made agricultural discoveries still used by modern man, and were master builders...the stone village of Machu Picchu at 9,000 feet above sea level standing as the awe-inspiring monument to their genius. How did they get the stones up the mountain to construct this architectural marvel? They were the Incas, a wondrous people who once ruled half of South America before falling to the Spanish Conquistadors. Their miracles are presented in this engrossing special by award-winning filmmaker Lucy Jarvis in her fascinating exploration of "THE INCAS REMEMBERED." Introduction by Edwin Newman with Lucy Jarvis.

*In the shadow of the Incas [videorecording]
43 minutes
F3420 .I48 1990x VID

Machu Picchu: Secrets of the Incas
52 minutes
F3429 .1M3 M335 1999x VID
Reviews by
Can discovering the lost city of the Incas win you a seat in the U.S. Senate? It did for Hiram Bingham III. Bingham was born into a missionary family in Hawaii, married the heiress to the Tiffany fortune, and in 1911 set off to make a name for himself, hoping to find the lost city of the Incas. Archival photographs, dramatic reenactments, and stunning contemporary film footage trace Bingham's quest from the library in Cuzco, Peru, through the valley of the Urubamba to the overgrown cities of Vitcos, Machu Picchu, and Espíritu Pampa.

National Geographic sent Bingham back to Peru in 1912 to take pictures for an entire issue devoted to the Incas, whose breathtaking stonework shrines were once covered in gold, whose kings had worn cloaks of bat skin, who called silver "the tears of the moon," and gold "the sweat of the sun." Machu Picchu tells you these and other fascinating facts about the Inca and their escape route through sacred valleys and mountaintop cities as they fled the Spanish conquistadors in the early 1500s, as well as relating the story of Bingham's passion for exploration and how he parlayed his exploration fame into a political career. For anyone who dreams of the thrill of exploration, is curious about the Incan Empire, or is interested in stunning images of southeastern Peru, Machu Picchu is a great introduction to early 20th-century Incan exploration. --Tara Chace

From the back cover
MACHU PICCHU: Secrets of the Incan Empire. Seeking fame and fortune, Hiram Bingham treks into the mountainous central regions of Peru in search of the Lost City of the Incas. When he emerges, he is an exploration superstar; the recipient of such adulation, he is able to parlay it into a career in the U.S. Senate. Following a trail of rumor and legend, he wanders far into the sacred valleys, where he discovers a series of mountain-top sanctuaries used by the Incas to hide from the Spanish Conquerors. Machu Picchu chronicles the arduous, near-mystical journey of a man consumed by ambition and reveals the astonishing remains of a vanished culture, hidden beneath the encroaching jungle and beyond the mists of time.

De la Conquista
3 videocassettes
(each ca. 52 min.) + 3 booklets.
v. 1. Hernán Cortés –
v. 2. Francisco Pizarro –
v. 3. Inca rebellion.: F1411 .C56 2003x .VID
Library Has (Summary): v.1-v.3

Ten who dared:
10 videocassettes
(520 min.)
v. 1. Christopher Columbus
-- v. 2. Francisco Pizarro
-- v. 4. Alexander von Humboldt
G200 .T46 1978x .VID

Cabeza de Vaca: 1 videodisc
PN1997 .C17x .DVD
Copy: 1

* Mexico : a story of courage and conquest:
4 videocassettes (VHS)
(ca. 50 min. each) :
v. 1. Mexico : God, gold and glory
v. 2. Mexico : from independa[sic]nce to the Alamo
v. 3. Mexico : battle for North America
v. 4. Mexico : revolution and rebirth.
F1226 .M52 1999x .VID
Reviews by
This basic four-volume introduction to Mexican history begins with the Toltec and Aztec empires and ends with NAFTA. Learn about the history of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, where present-day Mexico City now stands. Observe Hernan Cortes's conquest of Mexico for Spain and the poverty and harsh conditions in colonial New Spain that led to a priest, Miguel Hidalgo, raising a barefoot army against the king in the 1800s. The series reviews the tumultuous history of Mexico's missions in Texas, particularly the Alamo, and studies the compelling leaders Benito Juarez, Santa Anna, Porfirio Diaz, Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata, and Francisco Modero. This History Channel production also discusses Mexico's "Pastry War" with France, the Mexican-American War, the Mexican Revolution, Cinco de Mayo, and the PRI. Too cursory for viewers already familiar with the basics, this series may also frustrate novice viewers with its lack of maps and visual aids. While somewhat scant on detail and depth, this video will nonetheless be educational for viewers seeking a good general overview of Mexico's history. --Tara Chace

From the back cover
Its history is written in the blood of conquest. Forged in the conflict between the Old and New Worlds, it is Mexico.

From the cloud-kissed ruins of Teotihuacan to the chaotic heart of the modern capital, from Cortes's arrival to Pancho Villa's famous raid, Mexico: A Story of Courage and Conquest travels across the country and through its past. It is a compelling chronicle of a land shaped by the rise and fall of empires, the exploits of men like Montezuma and Maximillian, and near-constant battles for freedom, sovereignty, and independence.

Celebrating its culture, history, and allure, Mexico: A Story of Courage and Conquest is a definitive portrait that exposes the heart and heritage of this beautiful land.

This deluxe 4-pack set chronicles the blood and battle, defeat and victory that has made up Mexico’s revolutionary history.

History's turning points: 13 videocassettes
(ca. 390 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
v. 7 The conquest of the Incas (1532 AD)
D23 .H58 1995X .VID

(7 Incas)
Title: The Mission:
: PN1997 .M574X .VID

*Title: El muro de las celebraciones:
(60 min.) :
ND2644 .M87 2000x .DVD

Video documentales
(available at EIU Booth Library)
De la actualidad
*Title: Foods of Latin America
(23 min.) : + 1 study sheet.
TX716.A1 F66 1992x .VID
Mouth-watering tacos, spicy vegetables, and scrumptious chalupas are just a few of the colorful and delicious foods of Latin America. If you love the zesty food from south of the Rio Grande, then whet your appetite with this unique look at Latin cuisine. You'll learn about the special ingredients that impact our menu today.

*Art and recreation in Latin America
(43 min.)
F1408.3 .A78 1988x .VID
Copy: 1 Note: Requestable through OCLC Interlibrary Loan system.

Women of Latin America:
13 videocassettes
(ca. 60 min. each) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
Contains: Brazil: priests, samba dancers and mulattos,Cuba: the children of Fidel, Dominicans, Guatemala silenced, Mexico: rebellion of the Llorona, Ecuador: the Indian women, Nicaragua: red to violet, Peru: rage of hunger, Puerto Rico: paradise invaded, To be a mother in Latin America, Bolivia: coca, food of the poor.
HQ1460.5 .W664 1997X .VID

School of the Americas: school of assassins: 1 videocassette
(19 min.) :
U428.A75 S366 1996x .VID

*Discovering the music of Latin America:
(21 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in. + 1 teacher's guide
ML230 .D56x .VID

*The Music of Mexico and South America
(60 min.)
ML199 .M87 1984x .VID

Americas in transition: 1 film reel
(29 min.)
F1418 .A43 1982x .VID Copy: 1

*The US in Latin America: Yankee go home:
(50 min.)
F1418 .U78 1997x .VID

Ernesto "Che" Guevara: le journal de Bolivie
(94 min.)
F2849.22.G85 E76 1998x .VID

Arte actual de Centro América y Panamá
(29 min.)
ND260 .A78 1980zx .VID

*Latin America [videorecording]:
(34 min.)
F1408.9 .L38 1997X Vid

*Amargos recuerdos: Bitter memories: (30 min.)
F1466.5 .A625 2000x Vid

*Central America close-up:
Guatemala (14 min.) -- El Salvador (14 min.)
F1439.5 .C46 1990X VID

Arte actual de Centro América y Panamá:
(29 min.)
ND260 .A78 1980zx

Hurricane Mitch : uncovering the costs of external debt
(60 min )
HC145 .H87 1999X VID

El Salvador, another Vietnam:
2 film reels (50 min.)
F1488 .S36 1981X.16MM

*1932 : cicatriz de la memoria / El Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen, Henriquez Consalvi. (53 min.)
F1487.5 .N56 2002X .VID

If the mango tree could speak:
(58 min.)
HQ784 .W3 I58 1993X VID
Requestable through OCLC Interlibrary Loan system

*El Salvador : not for sale! ; El Salvador : no se vende!:
(60 min )
F1488.5 .E6 1998X VID

Central America close-up: (28 min)
F1439.5 .C46 1990X VID

Americas in transition:1 film reel (29 min )
: F1418 .A43 1982x .VID

*Camino triste, the hard road of the Guatemalan refugees:
(30 min.)
F1466.5 .C36 1983x .VID

*Daughters of Ixchel [videorecording] : Maya threads of change:
(29 min.)
NK8918 .D38 1993x .VID

*We are Guatemalans:
(28 min.)
F1466.7 .W4 1995x .VID

*Rain forest:
(60 min.)
QH108.C6 R3 1987x .VID

*The world stopped watching:
(82 min.)
Institution: Eastern Illinois University Location: Video Cassettes - 4000 Level Copy
(60 min.)
F2278 .A23 2001x .VID

Colombia's guerilla war
(53 min.)
HN310.Z9 V527 1999x .VID

*Full circle with Michael Palin:
(10 hr.)
-- v. 4. Chile ; Bolivia and Peru
-- v. 5. Peru and Colombia ; Mexico and USA.
0780620747 (v. 4)
0780620755 (v. 5)
DU23.5 .P35 1997X .VID
Reviewer: Peter D. Sanders
Once again, Michael Palin takes his viewers on a hilarious yet insightful trip. This segment from his series on a grand tour of the Pacific Rim provides wonderful glimpses of the complexities of Chilean society and politics against the back drop of that nation's spectacular scenery. The trans-Andean railroad/bus trip to Bolivia is funny but clearly demonstrates the stark contrast between Chile and its poorer neighbor Bolivia. Overall, this is a great episode of an outstanding program. Bravo to Palin! He's done it again. This is a must see for the armchair traveller or those who like the real thing!

Welcome to Colombia:
(65 min.)
1 Order Information: 1 Copy Received as of 02-17-05
(60 min.)
637101121534 ILLINET

*Emerging powers:
(50 min. each)
-- [v. 3.] Mexico / director, Leslie Clark ; correspondent, Rossana Fuentes
Review by Richard Onderdonk:
This film does a good job of giving several examples of the economic ups and downs of Mexico in the 1990s. It starts out with an account of a young Middle Class couple who were hurt by the crash of 1994 and have lost most of their savings and what they hope to do to make up for the loss. Next it investigates rural village attempts by local women's groups as they hope to start small business ventures- day care centers, local vegetable stands. It then looks at the Tecnical College of Mexico City and its hope to graduate Business Majors who will help develop the economy of mexico and one young graduate who will go to work for the family toy business. Then a good coverage of the merger of PEMEX with American Oil cos. Wall Street Journal Prod.

-- [v. 4.] Brazil / director, David Royle ; correspondent

HC59.7.E477 1996x .VID

*The evolution of Chile:
(29 min )
HC192 .E86 1998x .VID Copy: 1

*Threads of hope
(50 min.)
: HQ1236.5.C5 T58 1996x .VID Copy: 1 Status:
: HQ1236.5.C5 T58 1996x .VID Copy: 2 Status:

*A Sus ordenes mi senador
(29 min.)
: F3100 .S87 2003x .DVD

(75 min.)
F3021.B55 A37 2002x .VID

Una visita a Buenos Aires
(19 min.) : + 1 study guide
F2817 .V577 1993x .VID
Argentina's capital is one of the world's greatest cities. A simple Spanish narration will tell you all about this South American metropolis. Learn about Buenos Aires while you learn new Spanish words!

Los desaparecidos
(33 min., 40 sec.)
JC599.A7 D47 2003x .VID

Potosi : villa imperial.
(11 min.) + 1 teacher guidebook + 1 student guidebook.
F3351.P85 P65 2002x
(Details): (Video)(Audiocassette)(Guides)

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