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EIU Department of Journalism

Eastern Illinois University

Journalism Student

Code of Conduct

Adopted by the Journalism Faculty, fall 2008; revised, fall 2010

Journalism and public relations are professions. Both follow a set of ethics and accepted morés. The department of journalism expects its students to hold themselves to the highest personal and professional standards possible.

To that end, we expect: EIU journalism majors as students will:

• be punctual for class or group meetings
• silence cell phones in class
• not send text messages in class
• remove all earphones and headsets in class
• not bring food into class
• not engage in distracting behaviors, such as doing crossword puzzles or playing on the computer when
class is in session
• take all assignments seriously
• meet deadlines
• write professional E-mails
• expect an appropriate grace period for the addressee to respond to an E-mail
• not turn in an assignment for one class that was created for another
• not cheat on class assignments; such conduct may result in an F for the class, and the instructor may elect to take the issue to the Office of Student Standards
• act in accordance with the EIU Student Code of Conduct; see

EIU journalism majors as practitioners will:

• treat readers/listeners/viewers/clients, co-workers and others with respect
• be accurate in their reporting
• be fair in their reporting
• not use friends, families or acquaintances in stories or news photographs
• be on time for interviews and meetings
• dress appropriately
• use full titles when in formal interview situations
• avoid conflicts of interest
• not accept trips or gifts worth more than $25 from sources

A special word about plagiarism: Engaging in plagiarism as a student or as a practitioner is a serious ethical
breach. Plagiarizing a class assignment will result in an F for the class. The instructor may elect to take this issue to the Office of Student Standards. Plagiarizing a student media assignment will result in suspension or dismissal from the staff. Plagiarism includes but is not limited to:

1. Copying any other person’s work and submitting it as one’s own, whether as a written
document, image or oral presentation.
2. Copying or paraphrasing passages, sentences, phrases, data, statistics, isolated formulas, and
visual aids from print, oral, or Internet sources without proper acknowledgment.
3. Using someone else’s ideas without giving credit to the source.
4. Fabricating or creating material and citing as a legitimate source.

Download this student code as a pdf.

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