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Administration - 2012

Board of Trustees

William E. Dano III
Joseph R. Dively
Kristopher Goetz
Rene M. Hutchinson
Roger L. Kratochvil
Robert D. Webb
Leo Welch

Jarrod Scherle, Student Member

University Administration

William L. Perry, President
Blair M. Lord, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
William V. Weber, Vice President for Business Affairs
Daniel P. Nadler, Vice President for Student Affairs
Robert K. Martin, Vice President for University Advancement


Robert M. Augustine, Graduate School, Research, and International Programs
William C. Hine, School of Continuing Education (Interim)
Bonnie D. Irwin, Arts and Humanities
Mahyar Izadi, Business and Applied Sciences
Diane H. Jackman, Education and Professional Studies
Allen K. Lanham, Library Services
Harold Ornes, Sciences
John P. Stimac, The Honors College