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Board of Governors

Nathaniel J. Anderson
Keith D. Branson
Roger Dettro, D.D.S
Mack W. Hollowell, M.D.
Thomas S. Johnson
Carl P. Koerner, Jr.
Betsy D. Mitchell
Michael Leshoure, Jr., Student Member

University Administration

Carol D. Surles, President
Teshome Abebe, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jeffrey L. Cooley, Vice President for Business Affairs (Acting)
Louis V. Hencken, Vice President for Student Affairs
Jill F. Nilsen, Vice President for External Relations (Acting)


William C. Hine, Adult and Continuing Education
James K. Johnson, Arts and Humanities
Theodore W. Ivarie, Business and Applied Sciences
Elizabeth J. Hitch, Education and Professional Studies
Robert M. Augustine, Graduate School and International Programs (Acting)
Allen K. Lanham, Library Services
Lida G. Wall, Sciences
Frank L. Hohengarten, Enrollment Management