International Friendship Program 2020-2021 - Community Application

International Friendship Program 2020-2021 - Community Application

If you are a community member who would like to be paired with a current international EIU student, please complete this form. Friendships are generally matched on a semester or yearly basis, so we hope that you continue to volunteer in the future!

* Requirement: All community hosts must agree to a background check before they will be matched to an international student. If you or your spouse are NOT currently employed by EIU, please let me know and I will send you the Background Check form. Current EIU employees do not need an additional background check. *

Note that students will not live with their host families. However, if you are comfortable inviting your student(s) into your home, you are certainly able to do so. Additionally, there is no financial obligation on your part to the student or to EIU.

Please also respect social distancing with meeting your IFP students.

Thank you!