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IHEC Consultation Visits

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Assessment, Program Planning, And Evaluation

IHEC staff members are available to guide colleges and universities in assessment, planning, and evaluation of campus AODV prevention efforts through technical assistance and use of assessment instruments developed for this project. The purpose of an IHEC consultation visit is for campuses to enhance or strengthen their current programming, provide data to justify need for future programming, and to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. Contact us for more information and to schedule a visit.

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Molly Dunn-Steinke M.S.Ed., LPC, NCC

Director, Counseling Center

Quincy University

What motivated you to request a consultation visit?

After about three years working with Eric through IHEC I realized a few key things that were missing on our campus. The first was that no one on campus had any idea what the Biennial Review was and why it was important. Secondly, AOD is the area of my job that is the most visible to faculty, staff, students and the board of trustees. It is also the area I am least trained to deliver.

Money is tight everywhere so I really needed those in charge of the purse strings to understand the need for resources in the area of AOD prevention. We have many traditions on campus and not all of them healthy or beneficial to students. I needed Eric and Cherise's expertise to put best practice in the front of my VP and others in charge of my AOD budget.

What did you think about the report IHEC provided?


The report was laid out in a very comprehensive manner, allowing all reading it a clear picture of where we need to go in our AOD programming. The report spoke to traditions that did not promote our university mission, nor the success of our students. The report gave very concrete ideas to how we could go about making changes and what other campuses were doing in the world of AOD prevention. The report did not ask us to change everything we were doing, just to tweak some key areas. This allowed all who read it to see that progressive and positive change was a real and attainable goal.

How did the visit benefit your university and/or department?

Counseling center was given $6,000.00 to hire 6 peer educators. These peer educators would be assisting the student AOD group as well as intentionally interact with all first year experience classrooms. 

The VP for Student Affairs was able to allocate $18,000 into a line item for Late Night Programming. The criteria that was attached to the late night was: it needed to be open to all QU students, no alcohol would be served, and that the event was held between 10:00pm-2:00am. In the past few years we have had students bused to a haunted house, corn maze, multi-activity fun spot, movie theater, local Kroc Center, etc.

To hear the rest of Molly's story feel free to contact us.



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