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EIU Housing

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The Basics

Eastern Illinois University approaches residence hall living more uniquely than some institutions. Upon arrival you will quickly discover that our halls are made up of a series of Residential Learning Communities rather than floors.

What is a Residential Learning Community?

In simple terms, these communities enhance our students’ lives by providing tools for academic success, developing interpersonal skills and the chance to explore leadership, social justice and community engagement opportunities. Residential Learning Communities are shaped by the core values of University Housing & Dining Services:
• Learning: Provide students with the tools necessary to excel in a positive learning environment while supporting the individual goals of each student.
• Respect: Utilize the utmost care and concern to appreciate individuals through our words and actions.
• Community: Create a welcoming and inclusive environment for students and staff where individuals are valued, appreciated, and accepted.
• Integrity: Encourage students and staff to uphold the ideals of honesty, professionalism, and responsibility.
• Leadership: Provide an environment that instills the need to take an active role in the community. 

Your role in the community

Most of us had our entire lifetime to become accustomed to our family’s expectations and rules for living in our home. Attending EIU and living within the Residential Learning Communities offers some unique opportunities and challenges that require each student to understand his/her multiple roles in ensuring the success of the community. 

Staff Members role in the community

Each of the Residential Learning Communities has a Resident Assistant to provide support and assistance to the community. This individual has become familiar with the campus environment through involvement and training. The primary role of the Resident Assistant is to get to know the individuals living within the community. They also assist in creating a living environment where people have fun while learning to understand and appreciate the many people who interact with them daily.

There are other staff members who do not live directly in your learning community. These individuals focus on building a cohesive community amongst the multiple units that make up a building/complex. These individuals are known as Complex Directors and Associate Resident Directors. Like the Resident Assistant, they can be an excellent resource.

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