Housing Work Order

Housing Work Order

The on-line work order system enables on-campus residents to enter routine, non-emergency maintenance requests pertaining to their residences 24 hours a day. Maintenance issues should be explained in full so the nature of the situation and necessary response can be determined.

This system is not monitored 24/7 and should not be used for emergency work requests or for maintenance needs which pertain to safety and security or need rapid response!

If the situation you are reporting needs rapid response, such as:
• A safety and security issue
• A blocked sewer system affecting many occupants
• A complete power failure in the building or apartment
• Loss of heat during winter

For Work Order Emergencies Only (Examples Above):
Please contact our staff on-call in your area via the following numbers:

Lincoln, Stevenson, Powell-Norton, Ford, McKinney, Weller, and Pemberton 217-549-0170
Greek Court or University Court 217-549-9065
Andrews, Thomas, Lawson and Taylor 217-549-9307

Please be advised of the following:

Residents will only be charged if the repair is due to negligence or misuse. The University reserves the right to enter rooms or apartments during reasonable hours to make repairs or refurbishment as deemed necessary.

If you would like to proceed to submit a routine, non-emergency start by selecting the work order type you would like to submit more options will become available based on your selections.