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University Housing and Dining COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines


Eastern Illinois University (EIU) aims to fulfill its educational mission while protecting the health and safety of our students, employees, and community members.  As a resident within Eastern Illinois University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS), the coronavirus disease (“COVID-19”) will impact your housing experience as UHDS continues to make public health–informed decisions for the health and safety of all residents. The policies and guidelines below are incorporated into the Housing & Dining Move-in Guide and the Housing & Dining On-Campus Handbook and are applicable to all residential students. EIU will continuously update you with specific health and safety guidelines important for you as a residential student.

As part of the EIU residential community, you are responsible for all policies, procedures, and guidelines as outlined in the Housing & Dining On-Campus Handbook. For the fall 2020-spring 2021 academic year, this section has been added to the University On-Campus Handbook to further support the health and safety of our residential communities.


Health and Safety

The general health and safety guidelines have been created in accordance with local and state guidelines, public health recommendations, and EIU campus guidelines and policies. We expect that all members of the UHDS community—residents, staff, and visitors—act in a manner that demonstrates respect and consideration for those around them, including respect and consideration for the health and safety of members in our broader communities.

As a residential student, you are expected to follow the health and safety laws, orders, ordinances, regulations, and health and safety guidelines adopted by the University or UHDS as it relates to COVID-19. This guidance will evolve as the issue evolves and may include, but is not limited to:

  • social distancing,
  • gathering size limitations,
  • personal protective equipment (PPE) including face and mouth coverings,
  • COVID-19 diagnostic testing (including before or upon arrival to campus),
  • contact tracing,
  • disinfection protocols,
  • limitations on guests in campus living environments, and
  • quarantine/isolation requirements (including before or upon arrival to campus).

You and your visitors are required to follow the guidelines below in all residential spaces, including bedrooms, bathrooms, community kitchens, lounges, dining centers, courtyards, and other common spaces.

You should self-assess your health every day, monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19, including atypical combination of symptoms such as: a fever of 100.4° F (38° C) or higher, dry cough, difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell. If you experience these symptoms, you should call a medical professional. Medical services are available on campus through the EIU Medical Clinic.


Dining Services

Dining Services, including where and how a wide variety of meal options will be offered to residential students, are subject to the discretion of the University and are subject to modification to address public health concerns. Due to health and safety guidance adopted by the University, Panther Dining will limit the occupancy of a dining center, limit the amount of time students may reside within a dining center, or make other operational adjustments needed to address health and safety concerns.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy

As a resident on campus, you will be required to follow EIU’s campus policy on the use of PPE. You will be expected to wear face and mouth coverings when you are in any public spaces in University Housing and across the campus. This includes, but is not limited to: lobbies, office areas, public or community bathrooms, community kitchens, social/study lounges, and dining centers. You are not required to wear a mask when:

  • you are in your individual residence hall room by yourself,
  • you can maintain six-foot distancing in student suites or university-operated apartments,
  • you are using a recreational cardio machine in the EIU Recreation Center,
  • you are jogging on the Tom Woodall Panther Trail, or
  • you are taking a walk during the evenings and weekends and you can maintain social distancing of six feet or more between walkers.

You can find additional information at Students not wearing appropriate face and mouth coverings will not be able to enter spaces to receive services or participate in group social activities planned for residents and to attend other campus events, and may be subject to further disciplinary actions.


Guest & Visitation Policy

Outside guests will not be permitted in any University Housing living area.  An outside guest is any individual who is not currently living in University Housing (Residence Halls, Greek Court, University Court, or University Apartments). This includes both daytime visitors and overnight guests. The only exception is for the two people who are allowed to help you when you move in – they must wear masks.


Social Distancing Policy

You will be required to maintain social distancing in accordance with University guidelines. This includes staying at least 6 feet from other people as often as possible. If you must be within a 6-foot range of others, you should minimize interaction times, preferably to less than 15 minutes, and wear a face mask that covers both the mouth and nose.

In the limited cases where roommates are allowed, roommates or suitemates may be treated as a “household” to allow more than one occupant per room. If you are visiting another student in their residence room, or they are visiting yours, everyone must wear a face mask at all times. 

Occupancy limits are as follows:

Residence Halls (except Stevenson) and Greek Court: If you live alone, you cannot have more than 2 people in your room (including yourself). If you have a roommate, you cannot have more than 4 people in your room at the same time (including yourselves).

University Court/University Apartments/Stevenson Suites: You cannot have more than twice the number of residents in your unit at the same time. For example, if three people live in your unit, you cannot have more than 6 people in the unit (including yourself).

Elevators: No more than 4 people may ride a single elevator at the same time. Everyone in the elevator must wear a mask.


Quarantine / Isolation / Separation

At any time, the University may require a resident to leave their University Housing unit if that resident’s continued presence in the housing community poses a health or safety risk for community members. Residential students may be required by UHDS to leave their assigned space due to COVID-19. Not all UHDS residential rooms or halls are appropriate for self-quarantine/self-isolation. If a student is recommended to self-quarantine/self-isolate, they might not be permitted to continue residing in their original room. In that case, if they are unable to return home during this time (including, but not limited to, international students, students who don’t have a home to go back to, or students who have “at risk” individuals at home), they will be provided alternative housing arrangements as needed. Removal from UHDS to isolate or quarantine does not constitute a termination of a residential student’s housing contract.



UHDS will continue to implement and expand its cleaning protocols to address COVID-19 in the interest of minimizing the spread of the virus. We will provide additional bathroom cleaning supplies in common floor bathrooms areas for individual use, if desired. We will also educate and inform you on appropriate cleaning protocols within your assigned spaces to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

In the event of a conflict between this University Housing and Dining COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines section and other sections of the University Housing and Dining On-Campus Handbook, the COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines section will apply. We expect our residents to recognize the important role they play in their own health and that of the community.  Failure to adhere to this agreement could result in student disciplinary proceedings.

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