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Tom Canam, Ph.D.

Tom Canam, Ph.D.

Office: 3054 Life Science
Phone: 217-581-6608
Email: tcanam@eiu.edu
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Catalog Description

 Dr. Tom Canam, associate professor of biology, currently serves as coordinator for the Master of Science in Biochemistry/Biotechnology. 

Dr. Canam's research focuses on using plants for bioenergy and bioproduct applications. One aspect involves using biotechnology to tailor plant traits for specific applications, such as bioethanol production. He is also interested in using bacteria and fungi as pretreatment agents of agricultural residues destined for biomass-to-bioenergy processes, such as gasification.

 Admission to the graduate program in biochem/biotech requires an application to the Graduate School as well as an additional online application to the program, accessible from MyEIU. Please contact Dr. Canam or visit the program's website for program admission criteria.