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EIU Graduate School

GN4U- the Graduate Network for Undergraduates

The graduate students below are ready to answer your questions about graduate school. Feel free to email them!

2021-2022 Graduate Mentors


 Lindsay Carlson

Lindsay Carlson

Master’s Candidate in Nutrition and Dietetics

Anticipated Graduation Date: Spring 2022

Hometown/State: Charlotte, Michigan

Undergraduate Institution: Eastern Illinois University



EIU Women's Cross Country and Track & Field
Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC)

Career/Professional Aspirations: Upon completion of graduate school, an internship, and passing the Registered Dietitian Examination, I hope to pursue a career in multiple fields within this profession. I want to work in sports nutrition helping athletes utilize food to enhance their performance. I would also like to either have a private practice, or work in an inpatient eating disorder treatment center and assist that population with recovery. Lastly, I want to dabble in product development and perhaps create a food or supplement product of my own to market. I am glad dietitians are able to wear so many different hats throughout their career!

Why did you pursue graduate study? Nutrition is an evolving field, so choosing to continue my education came with no hesitation. I love learning and feel as if though another year or two of schooling (and internships) would really prepare me for a job afterward!

When did you decide to pursue graduate study? As a dietetics student, we are required to complete a 1200-hour internship, so I knew I wanted to combine this experience with a master's degree.

Share any hobbies or interests: I love to do any activity in the outdoors such as running, camping, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, etc. Of course, I enjoy baking and cooking while also trying out new restaurants in different areas. If I have the time, I'll also do some painting and gift them to loved ones!



 Ashley Jezik

Ashley Jezik

Master’s Candidate in College Student Affairs

Anticipated Graduation Date: Spring 2022

Hometown/State: Coal City, Illinois

Undergraduate Institution: Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Graduate Research Involvement: My thesis is about Faculties Perceptions of Students with Learning Disabilities

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dianne Timm



Career/Professional Aspirations: I want to obtain a job in higher ed. Hopefully in the office of Disability Support Services or Faculty Development.

I will plan to pursue an EdD after a few of years of job experience in higher ed.

Why did you pursue graduate study? I pursued graduate study to obtain graduate experience before applying to Ph.D. programs, as I have a strong interest in research and want to pursue a Ph.D.

When did you decide to pursue graduate study? My senior year of college.

Share any hobbies or interests: Soccer (I played 4 year colligate)
Tv shows




Yolanda Lejuste

Master’s Candidate in Nutrition and Dietetics

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2023

Hometown/State: Florida

Undergraduate Institution: University of Central Florida


Student Dietetic Association

CHHS Advisory Committee

EIU Campus Food Pantry Volunteer

Career/Professional Aspirations: My professional goal is to meet the needs of patients/clients with acute or chronic disorders through nutrition intervention.
Work in the minority community to implement educational programs stemmed from making small changes that have lifetime effects.
Pursue my PhD

Why did you pursue graduate study? After earning my bachelor's degree in health science with hopes of going to PA school, but I soon realized that my passion was elsewhere. I found Dietetics to be my actual passion. Food has always been the center of many events and with chronic disorders in my family due to nutritional aspects, this was the perfect area for me.

When did you decide to pursue graduate study? A year after receiving my bachelor's degree, going through the application process for PA school, and being apprehensive about it the entire time, I finally realized I wanted to go in another direction. My gut was telling me PA wasn't for me and when I started working on my own health, I found dietetics.

Share any hobbies or interests: Sleeping
Going to the gym
Cooking most of all




Morgan Hummel

Master’s Candidate in Clinical Psychology

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2022

Hometown/State: Champaign, IL

Undergraduate Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Clubs/Organizations: GACP

Career/Professional Aspirations: I would first like to gain experience in the field after completing my master's program and work as a clinical therapist. Currently, I have an interest in going back to school to earn a PsyD after working for a few years if the opportunity presents itself.

Why did you pursue graduate study? I have always been passionate about helping people. I decided graduate school was right for me because I knew I needed an advanced degree for the kind of career that would allow me to do this. I knew it would provide me with the education and experience I need to set me up for success.

When did you decide to pursue graduate study? When I first decided on my desired career, I was not aware that obtaining an advanced degree was necessary. I soon learned that it was a minimum requirement to be a clinical therapist. I knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life so I decided to pursue a graduate degree that would help guide me to that goal.

Share any hobbies or interests: I love outdoor activities from hiking, to longboarding, or playing tennis. I also love to do more artsy things such as drawing, painting, and photographing.




Anvita Kamath

Master’s Candidate in Clinical Psychology

Anticipated Graduation Date: 13th May, 2022

Hometown/State: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Undergraduate Institution: The University of Hong Kong

Graduate Research Involvement: Assisting Dr. Allan with his research on Social Anxiety

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Allan

Clubs/Organizations: Volunteering with Cause for Paws

Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

Career/Professional Aspirations: My professional goal is to help individuals who knowingly or unknowingly suffer from psychological commotion become self-aware, and then go on to relieve themselves of it through structured assessments and therapeutic practices which are ethically relevant and scientifically supported. I believe that the research skills and techniques I learn at EIU will lay the foundation for my Ph.D in Clinical Psychology training, and also mature my practice of some day conducting an independent psychotherapy and diagnosis.

Why did you pursue graduate study? Being of an Indian origin, my culture continues to stand strongly opposed to individuals vocalizing their struggles with mental illnesses. In the hopes of someday replacing this negative stigma was the first pivotal experience which triggered me to join Graduate School as it would help me delve into the endless expanse of the human mind and its undiscovered powers.

Moreover, Graduate Study in Psychology would help train me with all the necessary knowledge, skill sets and ethos such that I can contribute towards restoring the well-being of those who yearn for it but are unable to do it themselves.

When did you decide to pursue graduate study? Throughout my childhood I was told that openly talking about mental health issues would mean being looked down upon by society. Never did I understand the true meaning behind this and neither did I have enough knowledge to defend the discipline of mental health. Thus, I realized that in order to normalize voicing mental health concerns I would need an advanced degree such that I could efficiently spread the knowledge and importance behind practicing and accepting the same.

Share any hobbies or interests: I thoroughly enjoy dancing, painting and reading in my free time. I do enjoy listening to music as well.

I also enjoy being in the outdoors and doing adventurous activities like hiking, traveling, etc.




Austin Eichhorn

Master’s Candidate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Anticipated Graduation Date: Spring 2022

Hometown/State: Marion, IL

Undergraduate Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Clubs/Organizations: Chi Sigma Iota, Graduate Student Advisory Council

Career/Professional Aspirations: After graduation I plan to work as an LPC in a rural community (my population of interest) while working towards my LCPC.

Why did you pursue graduate study? I decided to pursue graduate study in counseling so that I could best help people with mental health problems in rural communities.

When did you decide to pursue graduate study? I decided to pursue graduate study my junior year of undergraduate study.

Share any hobbies or interests: In no particular order, I love to paint (acrylic and watercolor), cook, play piano, go hiking, and watch Netflix.


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