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firstchoiceprogram Graduate programs achieving the distinction of "First Choice" have applied for and been subjected to rigorous review from EIU's Council on Graduate Studies — with oversight from The Graduate School — to ensure they meet the highest standards of scholarly excellence as evidenced through sustained achievement of criteria developed and adopted by the council in 2006.

Criteria for designation as a First Choice program can be accessed by clicking here. Eastern Illinois University graduate study programs that have achieved First Choice status are listed in the following table:

2009-2013 History and Historical Administration
Communication Disorders and Sciences
College Student Affairs
School Psychology
2010-2014 Political Science
2011-2015 Biological Sciences
2012-2014 Counseling
2012-2016 Clinical Psychology
2013-2018 Renewal History and Historical Administration
2013-2018 Renewal English
2013-2018 Renewal Communication Disorders and Sciences
 2013-2018 Renewal  College Student Affairs
2013-2018 MBA
2014-2019 Renewal School Psychology
2015-2020 Renewal Political Science
2015-2020 Elementary Education
2016-2021 Economics
2016-2021 Renewal Biological Sciences
2016-2021 Renewal Counseling
2016-2021 Technology
2017-2022 Renewal Clinical Psychology
2018-2023 Renewal History
2018-2023 Renewal  Communication Disorders and Sciences
2018-2023 Renewal College Student Affairs