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EIU Facilities, Planing and Management

Renovations and Alterations

The Renovations and Alterations Department designs, plans, estimates and completes approved Renovation and Remodeling (R&R) requests. Construction staff is hired as needed to complete projects.

The Campus Projects Department manages the design and construction of major renovations and other projects. Projects are typically designed by outside architects and engineers and the construction is completed by outside contractors.

Both departments adhere to the following work order process which must be used to initiate a project:

Initial Contact: Client can complete a green sheet and mail it to Renovations and Alterations (R&A); OR 
Client can make initial contact with Facilities Planning and Management requesting work. If request is received at Work Control and is not a maintenance item, Work Control forwards the request on to Renovations and Alterations.

Green Sheet: Client's request is transferred to a green sheet. The green sheet includes the following information: client; date; description of work requested; location/building; department; room; funds budgeted (if known); client's phone number; account name; account number; and fiscal agent. Upon receipt of the green sheet, the Project Coordinator assigns a work order number to the project. The Coordinator also assigns a project manager and creates the input sheet.

Input Sheet: This sheet is used to input project information into various programs. These programs track the progress of the project and compile estimates.

Pre-Design: After completion of the input sheet, the Project Coordinator determines the scope of the project. Based on the scope of the project, the Coordinator decides if the project can be estimated with quick notes and rough sketches or if detailed drawings are needed. 

If it is determined that the project requires detailed drawings, the Coordinator or the architect begins a set of drawings. The design phase of a project can vary depending on the size of the project. A large project involving several aspects (plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, and environmental control) can take several weeks to complete. Smaller projects can be completed within days.

Estimating: If a project is detailed enough to need drawings, the foremen and sub-foremen will work from these drawings to estimate their part in the project. In addition to estimating their work, they will estimate the materials needed for the project. Due to purchasing laws, materials have to be bid. This process can take several weeks and may delay the estimating. 

If the project is a smaller one, it can be estimated from rough sketches and sometimes from green sheet information. The foremen and sub-foremen can work from these notes to estimate their part in the project. However, the same purchasing laws apply and the materials portion of the estimate will take some time.

Compiling the Estimates: After shops complete estimates they are given to the Project Coordinator. The Coordinator compiles the full estimate including all shop estimates, all materials and any outside contractor's services (carpeting, draperies, blinds, etc.) that will be involved in the project.

Work Order: The Project Coordinator will write the work order using information from the input sheet and from the completed estimate. The work order is typed and signed by the Project Coordinator and is sent to the department that requested the work. 

The requesting department is responsible for indicating the account number to which the work is to be charged and for securing the fiscal agent's signature. After completion of the work order, the department mails it to the Accounting Department. Accounting will encumber the funds for the project. 

After the work order is encumbered, Accounting mails it to Facilities Planning and Management. Upon receipt of the executed work order, the Project Coordinator notifies the appropriate trades that the work order has been approved and the project can begin.

Scheduling the Work: The project is then scheduled. For the most part, projects are scheduled on a "first come, first served" basis. However, occasionally a project needs to be done within a specified time period and those projects may take precedence over a work order that was received at an earlier date. Every effort is made to complete all work orders in a timely manner.

Change Orders: Occasionally a customer may request additional work to coincide with an ongoing project. Usually these requests are above and beyond the scope of the initial work order. However, we can do the requested work. We will need to determine the scope of the additional work, decide if more drawings and specifications are required and estimate the work. After the estimation is completed, a change order will be written. The change order then follows the routing of the original work order, including obtaining appropriate signatures. After the change order has been processed and is received by R&A, the work is scheduled. Delays in completing the requested change order could occur due to material delivery dates and other outside influences beyond our control.

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