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EIU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Student Employment Regulations

The purpose of student employment is to assist students in finding jobs that will help defray the cost of their college education; to effectively match potential University employers with the available student work force; and to provide all students seeking employment an equal opportunity to obtain jobs.

Classification/Wage Scale Ranges

Each student employment position is assigned a job class based on skills, experience and nature of the job and paid accordingly. The Job Class/Wage Scale is approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs and reviewed when appropriate. Any changes in wage rates will occur at the beginning of each fiscal year or as mandated by the minimum wage law(s).

Type of Employment Wage Experience / Training
Unskilled Minimum wage - $8.25 per hour No experience or special training required.
Skilled or Highly Skilled $8.26 per hour Requires training, special skills, supervisory responsibility.
Lump Sum Payment Up to $1000 Lump Sum payment for a complete job (one payment only). No set number of hours of work. Examples: design cover of booklet, musical performance at an event, a two-week summer camp job.
Salaried Payment Up to $2000 The salary must remain the same for each pay period. Salaried payment for a specified number of pay periods.

Direct Deposit

Effective August 1, 2003, all newly employed students at Eastern Illinois University will utilize Direct Deposit. All account number or routing number changes must be reported to the Payroll Office, Old Main, Room 2011.

Drug-Free Workplace

Student employees must comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Guidelines.

Equal Opportunity

Qualified students will be employed regardless of race/color, gender age, religion, national origin or ancestry, marital status, physical or mental disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any basis of discrimination precluded by the applicable federal and state statutes.

Enrollment Requirements

A student employee must be enrolled in six or more EIU hours per semester (For international student requirements, see International Students). Federal Work-Study students must be enrolled full time (12 hours).

Special Summer Enrollment Rules: A student employee must be enrolled in six or more semester hours in a summer session unless he/she completed 6 semester hours during the prior spring semester. Federal Work-Study students must be enrolled in six or more hours without exception. The Director of Financial Aid may make exceptions to the enrollment requirements for the summer on a limited basis when circumstances warrant.

Employment after Graduation: Students that graduate in December are no longer eligible for student employment. Students that graduate in May can continue working into the summer. This student may work until the summer pay period ends, which is early August.

Graduate Assistants

Students with graduate assistantships that do not include a stipend are eligible for on campus employment.

International Students

International students are permitted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to work on campus and must be enrolled full-time (12 hrs for undergraduate or 9 hrs for graduate), unless otherwise cleared by the International Student Advisor/U.S. Immigration (when school is in session August-May). International students enrolled less than full-time must be approved for student employment by the International Student Advisor.

  • Employment Eligibility Verification for International Students: International students must complete a new I-9 each year. An international student may be required to complete more than one I-9 per year, if the international student's I-20 expires during a school year. The Federal Form I-9 with documentations must accompany the student Employment Authorization. Continuing jobs for international students must be renewed each year to ensure that a new I-9 will be completed.
  • Maximum Hours for International Students: DHS limits an international student to 20 hours per week when the university is in session.
  • Summer Rules for International Students: If the international student completed six semester hours in the spring, he/she does not have to be enrolled in classes during the summer in order to work. However, if the student is enrolled for summer classes, the student is limited to 20 hours per week by the DHS. If not enrolled summer, the institutional maximum applies.

I-9 Form - Employment Eligibility Verification

Account Managers are responsible for certifying that new student employees have complied with Employment Eligibility Verification required by Immigration and Naturalization Service of the Department of Justice by completing a Federal Form I-9. The Federal Form I-9 must accompany the Student Employment Authorization. Always use the I-9 link provided on this web site. This will assure that you are always using the newest form. NEW: Make a copy of the documents that are used to complete the form and send to the Student Employment Office along with the Student Employment Authorization.

Maximum Hours

All student employees, including Federal Work-Study students, are authorized to work a combined total from all campus employment not to exceed 42 hours per pay period when the University is in session. The supervisor may assign fewer than 42 hours to any student. When the University is not in session, a student may work up to 37.5 hours per week provided the student does not displace a certified civil service employee. (For international student requirements see International Students)

Special Summer Maximum Hours Rule: A student employee may work up to a maximum of 56 hours per pay period during the summer pay periods. The summer pay periods begin after the spring semester is finished and prior to the start of fall semester each year.

Excess Hours

After every pay period, the Office of Student Employment runs an Excess Hours report to make sure that student workers are staying within the Student Employment Regulations. If an employer knows that a student will be working over the maximum hours, that employer needs to send an e-mail to the Office of Student Employment explaining the reason for the excess hours before the hours are worked. Due to the busy times of the year and the various activities on campus, this is occasionally okay for a student to work a few hours over the limit. If this becomes a habit for an individual student or department, review and action by the Student Employment Office will be taken. It is the student and the employer's responsibility to keep track of the combined hours worked of all jobs

If excess hours are worked per pay period without permission, the student's job will be terminated without warning. The student and the employer will be notified by e-mail. The student may return to the department as a student employee two (2) weeks after termination with a new job authorization sent to the Student Employment Office from the department.

Merit Increases

On recommendation of the supervisor, a merit increase may be granted to a student after one year of continuous employment in the same position and each year thereafter on that date. The requested rate may not exceed the appropriate Wage Scale. A new Student Employment Authorization must be sent to the Student Employment Office.

Other Employment at EIU

A student may hold more than one student employment position. The total hours worked in all jobs must be monitored, so as not exceed the maximum allowed by the Student Employment Regulations. A student may not hold both a student employment position and a civil service, faculty or Administrative and Professional contract concurrently at Eastern Illinois University.

Overtime Pay

Student employees should not have overtime pay. Please contact the Student Employment Office with questions regarding this issue.

Pay Period

Starting December 11, 2006, students will be paid bi-weekly on the same schedule as the Civil Service Bi-Weekly Schedule. Students will be paid on a delayed two-week schedule, the same as civil service bi-weekly.


Starting with the new bi-weekly schedule, hourly students will no longer have ending dates on their employment contracts if the student's employment will continue. The student will be active until the department completes a Student Job Termination form. Salaried students will require an ending date. If the salaried student is to be reactivated at a future date, another authorization will need to be completed.

Student Employment Authorization Request

Each Account Manager and student employee must sign a Student Employment Authorization Request form and submit it to the Student Employment Office within the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. There are three types of Student Employment Authorizations: hourly, one-time lump sum and salaried. Please complete the correct form based on the wage the student is earning. The student employee should be approved for employment prior to the first date of work to avoid delay in pay or possibility of the student being ineligible for employment. Student Employment Authorizations must be on file in the Student Employment Office by the start of the second week of the pay period to ensure that the student is paid in a timely manner. Payment will be made only to those students authorized for employment by the Account Manager and the student employment advisor as designated by the Director of Financial Aid.

Student Time Worked

A daily time record must be maintained on each student employee. This daily record should be carefully kept and monitored by the student employee supervisor.

Supervisory Relationships

A student employee shall not be supervised by any immediate family member. Please see Internal Governing Policy #11 for further clarification.

Tax Forms

All student employees must complete required tax forms in the Payroll Office, Old Main, Room 2011, within a few days of hire.

Termination of an Employment Position

If the student's work is not satisfactory or if other conditions make continuance inadvisable, the supervisor may request that the assignment be cancelled. If a student employee wishes to be released from a particular employment assignment, the student should notify the supervisor one week prior to the termination date to allow ample time to secure a replacement. Upon termination of employment for any reason, the supervisor must immediately notify the Student Employment Office by completing the Student Job Termination form available on the web site. A copy must be sent to Student Employment.

Work Requirements

Each student employee is expected to give careful and conscientious service. Student employees are to work 60 minutes out of each hour they are paid. It is the supervisor's responsibility to make sure that the student employee is paid for time actually worked. No rest time may be credited as time worked except in the case where four or more consecutive hours are worked, when the break of fifteen minutes must be credited. Student employees are covered by the Illinois Worker's Compensation and Occupational Disease Acts and may file claims in accordance with University rules for work-related illness or injury. A student employee is not eligible for paid vacation, paid holidays, or disability, as established by the Benefits Policy.

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