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School of Family and Consumer Sciences

FCS Minor

Required Courses
Possible Elective Courses

Students are required to complete the 6 hours in required courses in Family and Consumer Sciences, and 12 semester hours of electives in Family and Consumer Sciences of which at least 9 hours must be courses numbered 3000 or above. Total Hours: 18

Required Courses include:

Class IDCourse TitleCredits
FCS 1800 Life Span Human Development 3
FCS 2500 Foundations of Family and Consumer Sciences 3

As alluded to above, to complete the requirements of the minor, students need at least 12 semester hours of electives, 9 semester hours in courses numbered 3000 or higher. Below is a list of such courses.

Remember: Always consult your advisor before making schedule decisions/changes.

Remember: Just because a course is listed here, does not mean that it will be offered every semester. Always consult your academic advisor for more information.

Elective Courses may include:

Class IDCourse TitleCredits
FCS-3000         Family Resource Management 3
FCS-3120 Food Science 4
FCS-3233 Apparel and Textiles Merchandise Budgeting 3
FCS-3245 Textiles: Color Design Production 3
FCS-3300 Personal and Family Finance 3
FCS-3340 Club Management 3
FCS-3370 Ethical Issues in Hospitality Management 3
FCS-3500 Professionalism in Family and Consumer Sciences 3
FCS-3740 Professional Hospitality Meeting Management 3
FCS-3750 Independent Study in Family and Consumer Sciences 1-3
FCS-3755 Nutrition Across the Lifespan 3
FCS-3756 Community Nutrition 3
FCS-3784 Commercial Quantity Food Production 5
FCS-3786 Hospitality Operations and Cost Control 3
FCS-3800 Family Life Sex Education 3
FCS-3810 Child Care Issues 1
FCS-3812 Nutrition Topics for Child Care Professionals 2
FCS-3853 Practicum in Child Development 2
FCS-3961 Study Abroad Elective 1-6
FCS-4150 The Profession of Dietetics 1
FCS-4230 Special Topics in Family and Consumer Sciences 1-3
FCS-4235 International Special Topics in Family and Consumer Sciences 1-3
FCS-4240 Child Advocacy 1
FCS-4242 Computer Use for Childcare Administrators 2
FCS-4244 Working with Families of Children Identified as Exceptional 3
FCS-4246 Curriculum for Child Care Homes and Centers 3
FCS-4250 Designing and Managing Learning Environments in Early Childhood Programs 2
FCS-4256 Working with School-Age Care Programs 3
FCS-4262 Discipline and Guidance of Young Children 2
FCS-4264 Child Care Programs: Development and Grant Writing 3
FCS-4275 Internship 3-9
FCS-4300 Consumer Issues 2
FCS-4320 Destination Management 3
FCS-4340 Conventions and Trade Shows 3
FCS-4345 Advanced Lodging Administration 3
FCS-4350 Dining Room Management 3
FCS-4440 Undergraduate Research 1-3
FCS-4444 Honors Independent Study 3
FCS-4555 Honors Research 3
FCS-4644 Honors Thesis 3
FCS-4680 Family Systems and their Impact on Child Care 3
FCS-4685 Developing Cultural Awareness in Young Children 3
FCS-4686 Activity Planning to Facilitate Brain Develop/Concept Formation in Infant/Toddler/Preschool Children 3
FCS-4750 Advanced Human Nutrition 3
FCS-4751 Nutrition Therapy 4
FCS-4752 Focus on Diabetes 1
FCS-4753 Nutrition and the Addicted Person 1
FCS-4755 Nutrition for Physical Performance 3
FCS-4756 Adult Weight Management 3
FCS-4770 Family Budgeting and Debt Management 3
FCS-4820 Death and Dying 3
FCS-4838 Pattern Development and Design 1-6
FCS-4840 The Disadvantaged Family 3
FCS-4845 The Family in Crisis 3
FCS-4846 Aging and the Family 3
FCS-4851 Infant Development 3
FCS-4854 Parent/Child Study and Community Involvement 3
FCS-4859 Administration of Child Care Programs 3
FCS-4860 Addictions and the Family 3
FCS-4926 Public Presentation Techniques 3
FCS-4940 Food Systems Management 3


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