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EIU Teaching with Primary Sources

Top Topic - Halloween

Front of chain store, Herrin, Illinois

Halloween (created by TPS DePaul University, Chicago)

History of Halloween: 
The folklore traditions of All Hallows

Minnesota pioneer sketches; from personal recollections and observations of a pioneer resident. Old Time Halloween Doings (1904)

Sheet Music: 
Jack O'Lantern Man (1901)

Denny Malone's ghost, by M. H. McChesney(1871).

Witches’ Dance (1879)

The Four Witches, by Harry Banks(1880)

A-listnin' to the witch-tales 'at Annie tells about (1900)

Cabinet Lady directs cutting of pumpkin at Girl Scouts Halloween party. Washington, D.C., Oct. 29, 1938

Halloween party at State Normal School, Kearney, Nebraska. (1908)

Halloween Costume Party at Gates' Rooftop Garden / photo by Harry M. Rhoads. (1920 - 1930?)

Halloween party at Shafter migrant camp, California. (1938)

Halloween party at Shafter migrant camp, California. (1938)

Winner of masquerade at Halloween party. Hillview cooperative, Osage Farms, Missouri. (1939)

Halloween Visitors (1979)

WPA Posters (1936 - 1943)
Halloween roller skating carnival : Bring your skates : Prizes will be awarded for costumes / M. Weitzman.

October's "bright blue weather" : A good time to read!.

Halloween roller skating carnival : On the mall, Central Park : Bring your skates : Come in costume : Prizes will be given for costumes.

Spooky Stories
A Halloween Wraith. A Story.. [Harper's new monthly magazine. / Volume 81, Issue 486, November, 1890]

The Witch in the Glass [Scribners monthly, an illustrated magazine for the people. / Volume 21, Issue 5, March 1881]

The Ghost That Appeared To Mrs. Wharton. [Harper's new monthly magazine. / Volume 2, Issue 7, December 1850]

Ghost Stories. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 43, Issue 257, March 1879]

Films of Fantasy
Dud leaves home / Bray Pictures Corporation ; animator and writer, Wallace Carlson. (1919) @filreq(@field(NUMBER+@band(animp+4068))+@field(COLLID+animat))

Mary and Gretel / Toyland Films; animator, Howard S. Moss. (1916) @filreq(@field(NUMBER+@band(animp+4077s2))+@field(COLLID+animat))

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