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Individual Clerk Collections

Each page focuses on an individual clerk and features a brief introduction and may include links to interview excerpts, photographs, documents, books and other primary sources shared by the clerk.  Each story is unique. 

National Postal Museum logoThis logo on a page means that you can read and listen to this Constant Motion Clerk's interview now housed in the collections of the National Postal Museum.   

Mr. Bliss (CHI-STL)The Clerks

Mr. Collins (CHI-STL)

Mr. Glasco (CHI-STL)

Mr. Hight (CHI-STL)

Mr. Ingram (CHI-STL)

Mr. Kesterson (CHI-STL)

Mr. Liszewski (CHI-STL)

Mr. Mitchell (CHI-STL)

Mr. Moody (CHI-STL)

Mr. G. Waldman (CHI-STL)

Mr. W. Waldman (CHI-STL)