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Follow the Evidence: The Trial of the Lincoln Conspirators

Lincoln CSI Header

David Herold

David Herold | Evidence | Prosecution | Verdict |
April 14, 1865 | The Conspirators


Lincoln CSIDavid Herold's lawyer, Frank Stone, claimed that Herold was simple minded and used this as Herold's defense. That he was simply a follower of John Wilkes Booth and could not be held responsible for his actions. Stone called witnesses who testified that Herold was "a light and trifling boy" and was "easily influenced."


David E. Herold, half-length
portrait, facing right.
Library of Congress
Prints and Photographs

Lincoln CSI

U.S. War Department,
$100,000 reward!! The
murderer of our late
beloved president,
Abraham Lincoln, is
still at large.
Library of Congress
American Memory




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